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Sanyukt 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Sanyukt 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Sanyukt 27th March 2017 Written Episode Updates. 

Tanu and rahul walk in opposite route and are busy of their mobiles, in order that they don’t notice every other and walk away. tanu goes in and meets ila. ila greets her in. tanu says she came to fulfill sam. ila says he need to be outdoor. tanu walks out and sees him speaking to a person/rahul. rahul’s face is became and she or he does not be aware him. rahul leaves on his jeep after speaking to sam. tanu goes down and asks who become the man he changed into speaking to. sam says his elder brother. she asks him now not to reveal her record to hetal, else he’s going to lose hetal’s agree with all the time. he says he has made up his mind and nobody can alternate it, he will clear her and hetal’s misunderstanding these days. he leaves on his motorcycle.

  • Ila goes to parimal’s room with tiffin container for niranjan and asks him to inform niranjan to attend to himself. parimal says niranjan is first-class now. ila says she is concerned that he himself is responsible for his situation today. parimal asks not to worry. she talks about rahul and says he appears tired now a days. parimal says it is ideal rahul is running difficult and getting tired, now not like earlier than in which he used to sleep complete day. he leaves with tiffin box.
    tanu walks closer to essential gate while she see a modern looking lady walking in. lady greets her and says she is rita. tanu says she did not discover her in any respect, she has come to be too contemporary and pretty. rita says she got her first advert. tanu congratulates her and leaves.

Ila serves theplas to uday and he looking tv says he is full. she asks him to move now as her serial will come. he says he wants to watch rock live performance. she asks him to head and observe. he says she wants to frighten him with parimal’s call. she says yes and he moves. she starts offevolved looking tv. he says he does not recognize how can they watch such serials. rita enters and informs she were given an advert. uday dances and expresses his excitement. rita shows skimpy obvious nightie and says she is doing its add. ila’s eyes open widely in a surprise.

at cafeteria, prachi calls hetal and asks to come soon with pastries as client has ordered and pastries are over. hetal says she is at the manner and to manage with complementary cookies till then. tanu comes and prarchi gets nervous. tanu asks her not to call hetal as she will not come, she got here right here for her goodness and is aware of prachi is hetal’s nice pal. prachi stands nervously.

Precap: rita tells ila she will be able to take delivery of skimpy obvious nightie ad most effective if she is of the same opinion. parimal returns and seeing skimpy bikini warns ila if she lets in rita to do skimpy nightie ad, he’s going to go away residence.


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