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Sasural Simar Ka 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Sasural Simar Ka 18th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Sasural Simar Ka 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
piyush enters the mandap. that girl reads a few mantras. piyush’s head hurts. roshni comes downstairs. piyush holds her hand and takes her to mandap. they make each different wear the garland. chiragh comes inside the circle.
jhanvi ties their knot collectively. the female starts doing black magic. sumit sits inside the mandap to do the daddy rituals. that girl keeps studying the mantra. piyush is not feeling nicely. his head hurts and his chest too. simar says piyush are you ok? he says sure mom. piyush fingers shiver however he makes roshni put on the mangalsutra. he fills her hairline. his palms shake.
All of sudden radha slips and a pot of water falls on the black powder. that woman’s magic stops. all her candles blow. ananiya says in heart this shouldn’t have befell. that woman says this can’t happen. simar says radha are you okay? sumit says what is this black issue? mataij says maybe some thing from pooja stuff. mataji says can’t you notice radha? she says sorry. simar says she is a toddler mataji.
Pandit says this changed into all accomplished anyway. so no worries. they ought to take circles around the fireplace now.
Ananiya calls that female and tells her what took place. she says its ok i’m able to locate every other manner out. we are able to accomplish our venture anyways.
piyush and roshni complete all the rituals.
Arav says in which are you going for honeymoon? piyush says somewhere unique. roshni says however after days. when we have fun your birthday. ananiya hears it. roshni says we need to have fun this time.
simar says in coronary heart piyush’s twenty fifth birthday. mataij says we are able to decide that later. pass and relaxation all and sundry.
Simar says in coronary heart how should i forget all this. she runs upstairs in worry. mataji says what took place to her.

Scene 2
simar comes to her room and opens a paper. she says oh god how ought to i forget about this. mataji comes in and says what occurred simar? simar says you consider whilst piyush become born we suffered so much that i needed to leave this house. mataji says how am i able to neglect that. i’m hoping we never face a time like that ever again. allow it go. simar says pandit ji stated while piyush will flip 25 the identical hassle will come. i dont’ realize what is going to appear and how can we face it. mataji says don’t fear. we will all face it collectively. i’m able to communicate to some pandit and find out what’s in his kundli. don’t worry.


Scene 3
roshni is in room. piyushc is available in. he enables her setting out her jewelry. roshni feels shy. piyush holds her palms and kisses them. piyush says as a chum i don’t realize i can fulfill my promises or not. but nowadays as your husband i took seven promises and i will constantly satisfy them. regardless of what happens i can face every problem that comes your way. in your happiness i will even deliver my life away. roshni says don’t say that. he come near her. piyush takes off her earrings. he caresses her face. piyush holds her and kisses her neck. he takes her to mattress and shuts all of the light.


Scene 4
vikram shouts anjali.. what’s your doing here in the bed. she says its ok. he got here right here to mention excellent morning. he says take her out please. she says k k.
anjali takes her dog downstairs. a man is ready there. she says you came? no person advised me.
she says might you want something? he says no thank you. anjali says i am very excited. my pal advised me you made sculptures of many celebrities. he says it’s going to take 4 days and cost 30 lacs. anjalu says no hassle. vikram says 30 lacs? she says meet him vikram he’ll make my statue.


Last Part of Sasural Simar Ka 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update
Vikram takes anajli apart and says are you from your thoughts? she says when it will likely be made media will cover it. all of celebs try this. this could make me well-known. 30 lacs is not anything. vikram says you never listen to me besides. do what you need.
anjali says so sir need to we begin? he says sure.
i’m able to need a silent region. where no one disturbs me. she says okay include me.


Precap-Mataji asks piyush to force carefully.
He and roshni leave for honeymoon. a person tries to stab piyush in visitor house.


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