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Sasural Simar Ka 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Sasural Simar Ka 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update. Sasural Simar Ka 1st April 2017 Written Episode Updates.


Scene 1
Simar sees a person going. she says prem ji.. he turns returned. its not prem. simar says my heart says you are around prem ji. but wherein are you?
the inspector asks kb to keep quite. she says this is so dirty region i will’t even take a seat here. she says i must do some thing. she asks the female constable to listen to her. kb says i had a to make a name. she says its not allowed. kb says my name is khushi bharadhwaj. if you help me i’m able to do a lot of your assist as soon as i get out. she says k simply one call.


Kb calls anjali. kb says i really need your assist. vikrma says whose name is it? she says shanya’s. anjali comes downstairs. she why have you known as me? kb says who else might i call? that simar has gotten me arrested. please get me out of right here. anjali says how can you think i permit you to after what you did with roshni? she ought to die. kb says you are saying that? anjali says i’m able to’t help you. kb says i helped you in every moment of your existence. nowadays once I need your help you are pronouncing no. anjali says i’m able to’t assist you in some thing. i gained’t get in all this. i won’t listen anything. that is your hassle. solce it yourself. she hangs up. kb says this anjali.. i helped her every moment so she helps me once I want. my day will come too.

Scene 2
neeli obroye comes to anjali’s residence. anjali didn’t you insult me sufficient on the competition that you came right here as well. neeli says i made a mistake by cutting your name from the listing. please come again. vikram says its a sure from my aspect too. anjali says you may’t do anything unless there may be a benefit of yours too. neeli says the sponsors think you’re a completely nicely contestant for this show. in case you don’t come we will have a loss. so they changed the rules for you anjali says i knew there could a motive. but you insulted me in front of such a lot of humans. i will never overlook that. i recall each unmarried word. neeli says i am sorry please we want you again. anjali says i have circumstance. neeli says what situation? anjali says i’m able to tell you that on proper time. right now you simply have to mention sure. neeli says ok i agree. vikram says say sure now. anjali says ok then i am coming. neeli says see you quickly. she leaves. vikram says i am going for workplace. he leaves. anjali is so satisfied. saroj sees her. she says congrats anjali. so you are going back to that competition. now you’ll see i use this as a weapon. i can’t neglect what you did with me.


Scene three
kb says to the constable. i will alternate your life if you help me. she says k i will do what you assert.
anjali comes to opposition. the rival woman says i’ve visible so many shameless humans however you are on any other stage. anjali says i had to come back to defeat you. tina says how? anjali says that is beauty competition. you know you will lose. don’t fly too much. i am back right here. neeli comes. tina says what is she announcing.. tina says anjali is proper. she will be able to come take part right here. tina says but ruless. tina says don’t teach me my regulations okay. that is my opposition.


Scene 4
Piyush is conserving roshni’s hand. he fell asleep on her pillow. roshni opens her eyes. she says piyush..he says thank god you are aware. she feels ache. piyush calls health practitioner. nurse says she shouldn’t pass much. her stitches are fresh.


  • Anjali is getting geared up. tina says you don’t recognize my papa. he’ll name here and you’ll be kicked out of right here. anjali smiles.

A man comes and gives a letter to tina. he says madam sent this for you. tina reads and is bowled over. she says what is it? this is my termination warning letter. if i do some thing like this they willl kick me out? anjali says so sad. you had been kicking me out. now you already know who stands wherein? tina leaves in anger.
rahul says i’m so glad you’re returned. you and i can rock this competition. anjali says to lilly.. she says i need to exchange my associate. some higher guy who is of my stage. rahul is dazed.


Simar is making ready meals for roshni. she asks jhanvi to convey soup. postman is available in. he says there may be letter for simar. simar takes the letter. she opens it, its from prem.


Precap-Piyush is bringing roshni domestic. simar says thank you for taking care of roshni and bringing her home. we will deal with her from now. there may be no area for piyush in this residence. he received’t input this house.



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