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Sasural Simar Ka 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Sasural Simar Ka 20th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Sasural Simar Ka 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
Piyush and roshini comes to hotel, roshini asks supervisor if he did association? he says yes. piyush and roshini comes inside and lighting fixtures are switched off. roshini turns on lighting fixtures and entire house is adorned with lighting, plants and balloons, she says wonder, piyush says wow its stunning, cone here, she says how is it? he says very first-rate, my birthday has one more hour, roshini says i wanted to marvel you presently, piyush says that is my great birthday, i really like you, my friend, my wife and my existence, roshini says i like you too my expensive husband, they hug each different. roshini sess some silhouette in the back of window and says piyush i noticed someone, they hear some noise, piyush says its not anything, roshini says this farm residence is some distance away so please check, piyush exams out of window and says see there’s no person,


Full Details of Sasural Simar Ka 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Roshini shows him damaged plant pot and says i informed you someone was right here, piyush says it is probably some animal. someone comes behind piyush with knife and is set to stab him, roshini screams piyush, piyush turns and throws person away, killer says its me piyush, surprise happy birthday bro, piyush sees aarav and says happy birthday, roshini have sigh of comfort and says you scared me, ananya says thats why we have come, it become our plan to scare you, aarav says ananya gave me this concept to wonder you, ananya says i hope you like us right here, piyush says i’m satisfied you each are here, we will birthday celebration, roshini says lets cross interior. they come in residence. ananya looks at decorations and says its lovely, piyush says roshini have achieved it all, roshini is going to deliver meals. ananya says we have to play track, aarav says i can carry connector of my cellular telephone and we can play tune, he leaves. piyush asks ananya to sit, she recalls that she has to make piyush wear it earlier than starting of his birthday, she says i got present on your birthday piyush, she shows locket to piyush, piyush gets tensed seeing bizarre locket, ananya asks him to put on it, it will look top on you, piyush wears it.
Simar says to god that i experience some thing wrong is going to manifest, lighting move from residence, she appears on tensed.


Ananya thinks that i made piyush wear locket earlier than his twenty fifth birthday, she has hidden digital camera in her handbag, she suggests her companion on camera that she has made piyush put on locket. roshini comes there and serves refreshment, aarav comes there and plays tune. piyush smiles at roshini and says will you dance with me? she smiles and holds his hand, aarav takes ananya and starts dancing too. piyush kisses roshini’s hand and kisses it, nazdikiyan plays, piyush romantically dances with roshini and twirls her round, roshini sees him carrying weird locket, she says that is such cheap locket, take it off. aarav sees locket and says in which your style sense has long gone? piyush says ananya has given it to me, aarav says i anticipate that from here, kidding, what occurred in your style experience? ananya says shopkeeper instructed me this is in style, i’m sorry roshini if you dont find it irresistible, roshini says its ok but i dont like this stuff, piyush please take it off, he says k, he takes to the air locket and offers it to roshini, ananya receives angry seeing this. all of them sit down all the way down to devour. ananya is tensed, she takes bloodless drink and deliberately throws it closer to roshini, she says i am sorry, it slipped from my hand, piyush says its ok, roshini pass wash it, roshini leaves huffing. ananya looks on, she takes out her mobile messages woman that our plan failed. woman sees it and shouts this cant take place, i wont lose so quickly.
aarav says to piyush and roshini that we have to supply to both time to spend on my own, you both were friends however now you’re husband and spouse and its unique so spend time collectively, we are leaving, ananya thinks that i couldnt make piyush put on locket, she needs piyush and leaves with aarav.


Mataji and amar comes to simar and says i recognize you are lacking piyush so we thought to celebrate his birthday here with piyush by way of video calling him, jhanvi says simar will cut cake right here in conjunction with piyush.
roshini indicates cake to piyush and smiles at him, piyush says thanks for makint is so unique, roshini says you are unique to me, now not handiest these days but normal with you is special to me. clock strikes to 12am, roshini desires him birthday and lights candles, she asks him to cut cake, he is about to blow off candle however she asks him to wish for desire, piyush says my wish is standing infront of me so i dont want it. he blows off candle, holds roshini’s hand and cuts cake maintaining her hand, she lovingly seems at him, piyush says you have right on this cake first as you made me discover ways to love, you’re the only with whom i want to spend my life. he makes roshini consume cake, she feeds him too.
Amar is asking piyush however he says its not connecting, mataji asks to name roshini, simar is tensed. he calls roshini but its no longer connecting. simar sees clock and says this clock is caught 12am, she thinks that clock is caught? oh god.


Last Part of Sasural Simar Ka 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update
At farm residence, piyush says i love you roshini, he hugs her, she smiles, clock sticks to 12am and piyush feels something one of a kind, he pushes roshini away and glares at her, she asks what occurred? she sees heavy wind blowing and is going to shut window, she involves piyush and says there need to be cake in your face, she places cake on his face, piyush unexpectedly grabs roshini’s neck tough and strangles her, roshini says please piyush leave me, he glares at her.


Precap- Roshini is crying. heroine of swabhiman comes there and asks what took place? roshini says my husband has left somewhere and that i dont understand where to discover, heroine says i’m able to help you to discover him. roshini unearths piyush drowsing on bench on street, she wakes him up. simar comes there and asks if he is great? he says yes. simar asks heroine why she is tensed? she says i should stand in opposition to my sister for first time in existence, simar says every so often we ought to stand against circle of relatives for circle of relatives, i dont think those small troubles can dispose of sisters love, heroine nods.



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