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Sasural Simar Ka 21st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 21st May 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Sasural Simar Ka 21st May 2017 Written Episode Update. Sasural Simar Ka 21st May 2017 Written Episode Updates.


Scene 1
Ridhima says prevent annaiya. she involves pari and says ananiya isn’t just my sister. she is my life. i’m able to’t see tears in her eyes. you fear that i’ve powers i promise you for my sister i will surrender on all this. all and sundry is dazed. ananiya says no di. this is god’s blessing to you. ridhima says you’re my real advantages. ridhima says i vow that i can never use my powers from today. please say sure to their courting. simar says pari bahbhi. she is sacrifice. mataji says yes pari please. that is too much. if you don’t want to decide then as an elder i will decide. i restoration aarav’s marriage with ananiya. ananiya and aarav will get married very quickly. pari says mataji.. mataji says i won’t pay attention anything else about it. aarav says mama please.. pari if thats all you want. every person smiles. ridhima hugs ananiya. she says smile now.


Full Details of Sasural Simar Ka 21st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Pari says we will put together but will you be capable of do it? i’ve simply one son. we need big celebrations on it. mataji says arav is pari’s handiest son. ridhima says annaiya is my handiest sister as nicely. there won’t be any shortcomings within the wedding ceremony.
mataji says roshni convey sweets. anybody could be very glad.


Scene 2
Anjali calls her contacts. she asks them to get her some paintings. a guy says madam you performed such bizarre matters no big agency will come up with any contract. there’s one component i have available for you. you need to go together with businessmen to huge events as escorts. you need to dance and stuff. they could provide you with a few paintings. anjali says sounds excellent i can try this. vikram is available in and says are you from your mind? you could hunch that low. what else do you wanna lose now? anjali says please. my career is in problem i need to keep it. for that i will do something i am getting. please don’t intrude in my existence. vikram says you don’t care approximately my dignity or love at all? please. is everything over between us? she says i am sincerely concerned. my head hurts. i have to get equipped to satisfy that agent. there may be no point of this argument.


Each person is deciding on sarees. roshni chooses a lehnga. she says that is like mine. pari says why need to her stuff be like yours? she is my daughter in regulation. her garments will be plenty higher than yours. she says all of that is previous. please display something elegant and costly.
they pick a necklace. mataji says what is incorrect together with your. simar says aarv is her best son. pari says my daughter in law will put on some thing extraordinary. so humans will recognize she is my daughter in regulation.


Vikram rests his head in sanjev’s lap. he says i am uninterested in displaying anjali the right manner. i’m tired. i have misplaced. sanjev says no you haven’t misplaced. you need to discover a way out. saroj and tao ji see him too. tanvi comes in. vikram says you’re proper. i have my entire lifestyles in the front of me. this is my flip. i have tolerated sufficient. i recognize what i must do now. this is the remaining choice i’m left with. he appears at tanvi.


Scene 3
Aarav is speaking to ananiya. she says i’m so glad. it looks like a dream. he says i can’t consider either. but this is all authentic like our love. shall we go on a romantic dinner date. piyush takes the phone and says oh romantic date. spend some time with us as properly. you will meet ananiya the following day. aarv says see now how i interfere among you and roshni. roshni says don’t provide him his cellphone. he has to exercise. ananiya will win. aarav says her win is mine as properly. piyush says don’t be so filmy.
Aarav says what should i gift her roshni? roshni says how could i recognise. piyush in no way proficient me some thing. piyush says why are you mendacity.


Anjali says on name i’m able to come to birthday celebration but please arrange it with a large businessman. she see the road erased. she says each person eating together and taking part in. anjali says what the hell. how is this possible. saroj says wow tanvi the dinner is so top. vikram says i told you. she makes delicious meals.


Last Part of Sasural Simar Ka 21st May 2017 Written Episode Update
Anjali comes and throws the plates away. vikram keep her hand. she says who did this? who removed this line? who gave permission for this? tao ji and saroj what are they doing in our element. tanvi says anjali.. anjali is dazed. tanvi says preserve your voice low. that is a residence of dignified human beings. this isn’t always your birthday celebration. i did all this. i removed this traces. this need to have happened manner before. now i have united this circle of relatives another time which you broke. anjali says shut your mouth. who are you are taking selection of my residence? how dare you talk to me like this? you’re a servant of this residence. who gave you right to do all this? vikram says i did. anjali is dazed. vikram says yes i gave her proper. no longer simply this anything takes place in this house will be in line with tanvi. anjali says why so? who is she? vikram says she is my wife to be. anjali is in a surprise. vikram says keep one component in thoughts i gained’t tolerate all and sundry misbehaving along with her.


Precap-Anjali says while i am on this residence you can’t do all this. vikram says each time you sense like you may leave this residence. anjali says this is my residence. vikram says you haven’t any proper on me. he holds tanvi’s hand and leaves. anjali says this isn’t right.


Update Credit To: Aneesa

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