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Sasural Simar Ka 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Sasural Simar Ka 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update. Sasural Simar Ka 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Updates.


Scene 1
Vikram is reading newspaper on breakfast table. he’s indignant. anjali says it turned into only a sari for a way long will you stay mad? he says you gave my present to a person else. anjali says i won’t do that once more. please neglect it. please smile. vikram smiles. she says exact boy. i’m able to bring you properly breakfast.
her cellphone earrings. vikram says who is sending her so many messages? he opens the messages and says anjali replied him as properly. he reads sam’s message. tonight we ought to meet in lodge. i so want to fulfill you. anjali comes and says you are analyzing my messages? vikram says why is he sending you so many messages? anjali says he is looking me to do a undertaking. we must meet for paintings. vikram says i idea you returned him his money. works talks are achieved like this. his intentions are not appropriate. anjali says what is inaccurate with your questioning. you’re behaving like an ordinary husband. that is a huge agreement for me and i want it. for that i will meet him.
ananiya calls her di and says i suppose roshni’s didn’t inform us the whole lot nicely. her di says we couldn’t do the whole thing however kaal did. you need to make sure, the component i gave you you have to hold it near you. it will prevent from piyush.


Full Details of Sasural Simar Ka 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Vikram calls simar. simar says we are leaving in some time. why did you name? he says not anything mom. simar says you sound concerned. vikram says i don’t realize what to do. simar says what is it? vikram says its approximately anjai. ever considering the fact that anjali gained the competition, the whole lot about her has modified. she will’t see what is right and wrong. she turned into texting that man sam. he tells her the whole lot. vikram says i am positive anjali isn’t always strolling on the proper path. so i notion only you can forestall her. simar says don’t fear i’m able to communicate to her. if we talk to her right now, she can oppose me. vikram says its the proper time.


Scene 2
at bharadwaj residence, mataji asks roshni and piyush why they came an afternoon earlier? roshni says we were lacking every person. simar asks piyush are you ok? he says yes. simar says i ought to go somewhere. roshni says is everything okay? simar says sure. i can let you know later. she leaves. mataji goes in her room.
ananiya says i think the villagers have been right the air didn’t suit piyush. or perhaps he become stuck beneath a horrific eye. i have some thing that may help him.
piyush says why don’t i don’t forget anything? roshni says you need something? piyush says no i’m great. ananiya brings a powder like something and says i’m able to placed this on every body so all and sundry is secure. she comes towards aarav. he says i am great. piyush isn’t nicely. follow it on him. she is ready to use it on piyush’s face. roshni stops her hand.
Roshni says it is not wished. piyush is better now. nothing might take place to him now. aarav says roshni is proper.


Scene 3
At night, anajli involves a inn room to satisfy sam. he says have a seat. i will get you a drink. he pours drink for her and himself. anjali says did you communicate in your dad approximately me? i have won this beauty gift. you watched your dad can discover higher face for his logo. he caresses her face and is derived close to her. he says you are the maximum lovely. like i helped you earlier than i can take you ahead. he touches her hand. anjali stands up. she says the promises don’t work unless the settlement is in my hand. he touches her shoulders and says i promised once so it’s miles performed. vikram and simar are available. sam is holding anjali by shoulders.
simar is set to slap anjali. she holds her hand. anjali shoves her. vikram holds simar. vikram says anjali are you out of your thoughts? anjali says you can’t enter someone’s room with out knocking and informing. why are you here? i informed you i am right here for a business assembly. simar says enterprise meetings do no longer appear in closed rooms. anjali says what do you already know approximately business? have you ever come out of your kitchen? vikram says are you for your senses? anjali says she has been crossing her limits. she wishes everybody to paintings in kitchen like her. her mentality is so small and middle elegance. i’m not a child. simply get out of here. simar says anjali.. vikram says leave it mother. anjali can’t see everyone else except her. anjali says what you mean? vikrma says i imply that i don’t need to speak to you. you could do whatever you need. you will virtually regret. anjali says please move. vikram and simar depart.


Anjali says to sam i’m sorry. my mom and husband are so possessive about me. he says their mentality is so small. anjali says don’t fear. i recognise how to deal with them. he says of direction, queen knows how to cope with. he holds her shoulders and says where had been you? anjali says i don’t sense well. am i able to go home and we can talk this later? he says positive. anjali is on foot out. she turns again. sam says what occurred? anjali says you have to speak for your dad about me. he says yeah yeah dont’ worry approximately that.

Scene 4
anyone gives piyush birthday gifts. he opens all the items and thank you anybody. mataji says i may be certain my present could be the nice. pari says but you didn’t inform us what it would be. mataji says i wanted to surprise absolutely everyone. she says roshni come. roshni comes with a dish. piyush says wow ice cream with mango. its my preferred. thanks mataji. you’re the satisfactory. mataji says you’re part of my heart. i couldn’t spend time with you in adolescence. now this old mataji will smash you. piyush says you aren’t antique.
roshnu recollects what piyush did together with her once they had been reducing the cake. roshni says within the heart what piyush did the previous day was so extraordinary from what he’s.


Last Part of Sasural Simar Ka 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update
Mataji asks each person to eat the ice cream. piyush come near roshni to make her devour the ice cream. she gets scared. simar says what occurred? roshni says i simply commenced weight-reduction plan. i’m able to’t devour ice cream. jhanvi says one spoon received’t do anythin.g piyush makes roshni eat the ice cream.
mataji says to simar pandit ji stated the whole lot is well. don’t worry. simar says i’m hoping it stays nicely.
roshni recalls how piyush was behaving. she says i will’t inform all people and ruin their peace. however i must inform someone.


Precap-Pandit ji sees that paper that was torn from piyush’s kundli. he says this is kaal’s kundli. this person’s second call is destruction. he can even ruin his circle of relatives. Roshni asks piyush what took place? he says my bruise is burning. she brings the med. he looks at her with pink eyes. roshni gets scared.


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