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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Sasural Simar Ka 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Updates, Sasural Simar Ka 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
Lilly says to anajli you are not a child which you are crying due to sam’s conduct. anjali says i went there to get that settlement. lilly says if sam is getting you this agreement then he wishes something in return. this is common in our enterprise. if you want this deal of 18 crores. the deal is massive however what you have to provide in return is.. its upto you presently.


Full Details of Sasural Simar Ka 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Tanvi says to sanjev please try to speak. say aa.. sanjev tries however he can’t. tanvi says don’t lose desire. we are able to attempt every day. we could strive once more. say aa.. vikram comes in. he remembers while anajli used to attend to sanjev. tanvi says sir are you able to sit right here. i can carry his meds. vikram sits with sanjev. vikram says i don’t recognise need to i proportion my pain with you or now not. i don’t have every person else on this house.
I thought anjali has changed and the whole thing may be nice. but this isn’t the anjali i married. this is not the anjali who took care of you. she is so lost in her glamour. i feel so on my own. our approaches are special. i am so scared. vikram holds his hand. sanjev says vikram.. vikram hugs him and cries. he says you took my call dad. i used to be death to concentrate to you. tanvi comes in. vikram says tanvi dad took my call. he said vikram. tanvi says i advised you if you preserve trying you can do that. sanjev says vikram again. vikram hugs tanvi and says thank you a lot. you did a miracle. he says sorry. anjali is available in and says vikram..
Piyush says my bruise is burning. she says permit me observe a gel on it. you’ll experience better. she goes to carry the gel. piyush’s eyes turn crimson. roshni comes back he appears at her with those eyes.
vikram says i used to be so excited i’m sorry. anjlai says loosen up it takes place. he says you didn’t thoughts? anjali says no trouble. vikram says anjali dad spoke. he took my call. this is a miracle. anjali says oh vikram you have been so excited for this small thing? i idea something notable happened. she says besides congratulations papa and properly task tanvi. she goes to sleep.


Piyush gets normal and rests his head in roshni’s lap. she applies the gel on his bruise. he says i already sense top. your palms are magical. he holds her nearer. roshni says keeps lying. he says k fine.
piyush caresses roshni’s face. she says wake up. piyush says okay. he pulls her in mattress and kisses her face. roshni is shy and smiles.


A man sees the torn web page from piyush’s kundli. he offers it to pandit ji. pandit ji reads it and stands up in surprise. he says that is kaal’s kundli. the person says kaal? pandit ji says yes kaal. sturdy winds start blowing. humans says what’s happening. pandit says this came about because of taking kaal’s name. whoever’s kundli is that this, his 2d name is destruction. we have to inform his own family. due to the fact this power may even harm his circle of relatives. the fellow says how will we find him?
The person comes outdoor bharadwaj house and says the person lives here.
Pari and uma are finding out to move for movie. pari says my parcel is here. i shopped something on line. pari opens the door. its that man from temple. pari says sure? who’re you? the man says is there absolutely everyone whose named suffix is iyush? uma says sure piyush. pari says sure. the man says thank god. pari says what took place? the person says in coronary heart the vicinity is proper. ought to i tell them or not? he says may i speak to piyush’s dad and mom.
Uma says to pari piyush has executed a few recreation. pari says let me communicate to him. pari says piyush’s dad and mom aren’t here. they are out of united states. you can tell us regardless of the matter is. he says however.. pari says inform us. the man says it’s miles very essential. pari says come inside.


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Scene 2
Anjali is getting equipped. vikram appears at her angry. she says the mangalsutra isn’t matching with the dress. she says vikram please assist me starting up the mangalstura? he says no i won’t. was this left to listen. anjali says why do you need to argue all the time. she says best i don’t need your assist. she attempts taking the mangalsutra off and it breaks. all the pearls unfold at the floor. vikram stands up in shock. anjali leaves it there and is going out. vikram choices the broken mangalsutra. he says you haven’t any fee of this anymore. however soon you may recognise and then i can return it to you.


Precap-The man says to uma and pari there may be something in piyush’s kundli. there is some thing incorrect. piyush comes and says there may be nothing wrong with my kundli please pass from there. that man is slumbering in his domestic at night. door knocks closely. he opens its piyush with purple eyes.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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