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Sasural Simar Ka 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Sasural Simar Ka 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Sasural Simar Ka 27th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

Scene 1
Roshni movements other than piyush’s manner. he leaves with vadahi. simar says wait a minute. simar says you have to use your heart to apprehend relationships. selfishness makes you spot the wrong proper. i left this residence and it took me 20 years to convey you again right here. and lifestyles doesn’t supply all and sundry some other threat. even after so many years. piyush says you are proper. existence doesn’t provide us chance to recitfy our mistakes. this is why i need to repent the error of rejecting vadahi and fix it. everyone is dazed. he holds vadahi’s hand and leaves.
roshni comes out. vadahi says to roshni what did you watched you can supply evidence in opposition to me to piyush and take him from me? that concept turned into appropriate. after the recording ends a beep blares on phone.

  • Vadahi says she requested piyush to go to acquire her get dressed before the shop closes and he left. then she stopped that app so roshni misplaced the recordings. she says simar aunty i informed you piyush will move away from all of you. you both have lost and i won. vadahi sits inside the car and says shall we pass. piyush says i will’t go like this. piyush comes out of automobile and touches simar’s toes. simar steps lower back.
    piyush goes again inside the vehicle and leaves. simar is in tears.
    mataji sits crying and says who did this to my family. simar sits and cries too.

Scene 2
Saroj now i will put this on my hand. my hands will trap fire but they wont’ burn. she puts that chemical on her hands and puts them on fire.
she comes out crying and says shop me shop mee. vikram runs closer to her. anajli says you wont pass line. he go and goes on that aspect. vikram places towle on her palms and blows the fireplace. he asys dont’ fear i’m able to take you to doctor.

Vikram takes saroj to emergency. anjali comes too. the medical doctors take saroj to emergency room. anjali wonders how she execute this plan.

Scene 3
Roshni is crying in her room. she recalls piyush leaving the residence. simar comes and hugs her. simar says dont’ cry. the location which you have, vadahi can never have. roshni says he has left this house. i haven’t any area on this residence. simar says if that changed into proper i received’t be staying here either. on this residence we take into account daughter in laws, daughter. and he or she has extra right on this house than the son. mataji says simar is proper. radah comes in and says why are you crying? roshni says something fell in my eye. radha says come right here. she blows in her eyes. radah says you feel better? my mother used to do that. rsohni hugs her. radha holds mataji’s hand and says can i name you mataji? mataji leaves her hand. mataji says i’m no longer your dadi neither mataji. simar says radha pass play. i’m able to come. roshni takes radha with her. mataji says each time i see her i realise its due to her prem has gone away from me. i’m able to’t hate her however i’m able to’t very own her either. she higher stay far from me.

Precap-roshni receives her corrier. she begins crying its her divorce papers.


Update Credit to: Mrs Gupta




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