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Sasural Simar Ka 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Sasural Simar Ka 30th March 2017 Written Episode Updates. Sasural Simar Ka 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update.

Scene 1
Vadahi hugs khushi. khushi says we’re a hit. vadahi says sure thank god you met me runawal and ever for the reason that then he were my puppet. i as laila stated that roshni attempted killing me he agreed. kb says and roshni didn’t even do some thing. vadhai says that was our master stroke. kb says then he have become your slave. he even fought his mom because of you. piyush remembers the entirety. kb says one thing is left even though. i’m hoping that holi plan had labored out and roshni changed into burned. vadahi says i’d be so happy to look her burning. kb says our plan while we made piyush deliver roshni poison. vdahi says thank god you called servant and were given that cat eliminated from there. anyway we’ve got played well. i were given piyush. kb says yes. vadahi says now he will divorce vadahi. he could be mine now. this roshni can’t do some thing. i hope she symptoms the papers after that i’m able to take my final step. kb says they ought to divorce. we are able to prove that roshni characterless. vadahi says but my project will entire after I see piyush crying and sobbing. he thinks i like him. he rejected me. he’s only a pawn for me. piyush is dazed and angry. vadahi says as soon as this residence is ruined then i’m able to kick this piyush out of my existence. kb says these days we took simar’s delight from her. the son she fought the complete international for, left her. piyush is in tears. kb says i need to look that simar crying. she slapped me. she has to pay for it. simar comes out vadahi is dazed. roshni comes too.
Kb says it doesn’t be counted even in case you know now. you could’t do some thing. vadahi says do what you want however you could’t show some thing. piyush comes out and says she doesn’t want to show anything now. vadahi is dazed. vadahi says you right here. what you heard is not fact. piyush slaps her tough. he says i experience ashamed of loving a woman such as you. i fought my mom for you. how will you slump so low. you attempted killing me to show roshni incorrect. i constantly idea she turned into wrong. vadahi says sure i did that and i will do this once more. due to the fact she deserves this and so do you and your circle of relatives. she took my love from me. and all of them didn’t do some thing about it.

Simar says the only who loves doesn’t hate. when you love someone you may’t consider harming them. you don’t even understand the that means of love. vadhai says i’m no longer so amazing that i’m able to hug my husband’s illegitimate child. piyush says sufficient you may’t say a word approximately my mother. you could’t even come near her feet. sankalp comes and says this khushi can never exchange. he is ready to slap her and forestalls. he says i dont’ even want to touch you. she says i experience ashamed of marrying a person like you. you were by no means on my side even when she was slapping me. mataji says because you deserve it. mataji says call police. kb says how can you get me arrested do you have any proofs? amar comes and says sure we have proof. he has recorded the whole lot. he says that is an try of murder.

Vadahi says please piyush you may keep me right? you’ll no longer permit me visit jail. you like me? he shoves her. he says the vadahi i loved had died. you stated i am a idiot. sure i am idiot. he says we could cross ma.

They are leaving. vadahi says piyush prevent.. she alternatives up trishun. vdahi says if you may’t be mine you may’t be each person else’. she comes toward piyush. simar is available in front of him. roshni comes simar and is derived in front of piyush. vadahi stabs her. roshni falls down. piyush holds her. anyone starts offevolved crying and stressful. piyush says what did you do. he pulls out the trishun. piyushy says nothing might occur to you. he ties a fabric to her belly. amar says shall we take her medical institution. they rush towards medical institution.

Police comes. mataji says they attacked roshni. kb says she attacked i didn’t/ inspector arrests each of them. kb says to simar don’t suppose that is your triumph. you have to pay for this. simar says you may pay for you sins. god will make you pay. police takes them. simar says please store roshni god.


Precap-medical doctor says we ought to function. we want blood and she is o poor. no ones blood matches with roshni.



Update Credit To: Aditiya

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