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Sasural Simar Ka 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Sasural Simar Ka 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update. Sasural Simar Ka 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


Scene 1
Roshni is being operated. anybody is crying and involved for her. amar asks jhanvi to stay domestic with radha. sumit and rita come. he says how is roshni now? medical doctor says we can’t say something. sumit grasps piyush’s collar. he slaps him. he says are you glad now? i’m able to no longer allow her live with you for a moment. rita says when roshni gets nicely they may go away her. we will should take her home. what will we are saying to human beings? sumit says that is an excessive amount of. your daughter is loss of life and you care approximately humans? i best care about my daughter. simar says she is worried for proper cause. we received’t allow her go away her house. she is my daughter. sumit says i’m sorry. i regret what i did. i shouldn’t have pressured this marriage on piyush. simar says don’t blame yourself. we are proud of roshni today. sumit says she will be able to by no means get a better mother in regulation. simar says she is my daughter and will always be. don’t fear. everything might be first-class.
sumit says to piyush study something out of your mother. he leaves.

Physician comes out. he says we have to function her. she wishes a variety of blood. she is o bad thats very uncommon. simar says check bloods of all of us. all of them sample their bloods.
anjali and vikram come there. mataji tell them everything. anjali says i will’t trust kb stooped this low. vikram says where is mom? simar is in temple. she says please god. please shop my kids. roshni’s life is in risk. mataji comes there and hugs her. mataji says dont fear. god will save roshni.


Piyush is crying. he says this all passed off due to me. i made one of these big mistake. he hits the wall and his hand bleeds. amar says piyush your hand is bleeding. nurse tells them no ones blood matched her. and we are able to’t locate it in blood financial institution either. piyush says i won’t let whatever show up to her. i can deliver the blood from anywhere. doctor says wait piyush’s document just came. his blood institution is o bad. piyush says take all of my blood but keep roshni. he says nothing might appear to her ma. i received’t permit anything show up to her. she shoves his hand. simar says amar ask him to go from right here. matjai says simar you may’t live right here alone. i will live too. he goes inner to give blood. simar asks mataji to go domestic.

Scene 2
radha is crying. she says i gained’t consume. radha says name simar aunty. i wont eat. she says please drink juice. radha says no i need simar aunty.
jhanvi says i can call simar.

Vikram and anjali go away. jhanvi calls amar. he says okay let me tell simar. amar tells sankalp radha is crying. he goes isnide and tells simar. simar says who will cope with roshni if i go? piyush says i can live here. simar says i dont’ need to hazard her existence once more. i received’t go. amar says but radha is crying loads. amar says piyush will live. simar says ok however ask him to attend to her. he would possibly as nicely sleep right here he doesn’t recognize what responsibilities are.


Vikram and anjali come domestic. saroj says how is roshni? he doesn’t answer. tao ji asks. vikram says to anjali thank god roshni’s existence is out of hazard. he doesn’t ask them.


Piyush is available in roshni’s room. he sits next to her and holds her hand. he says you may’t go far from me. she makes a touch movement.
simar sings radha lullaby. she opens a field of jewelry. she says wherein are you prem ji? i am so alone without you. she hears a tone. she says its the same tone prem used to sing. she sees a person going from the street. simar says prem ji.. he walks away.


Precap-neeli obroye comes to anjali’s house. anjalu says why are you here? neeli says i found out i made a mistake by way of calling you off from opposition. i’m sorry. please come lower back. anjali says then i’ve a situation.



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