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Sasural Simar Ka 7th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 7th May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Sasural Simar Ka 7th May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Sasural Simar Ka 7th May 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
The thug is coming near tanvi. saroj closes her eyes. a person comes and hits him on head. vikram says she isn’t always anjali. the thug says who’re you? do you watched we are fool? they are trying to attack vikram. vikram beats them down. anjali continues to be hidden upstairs. vikram fights with all the thugs on my own. tao ji allows him. the thugs run out. tanvi is sitting within the corner and crying. vikram alternatives her up. he gives her dupatta lower back to her. tanvi is crying. vikram says tao ji tai ji.. they are saying we are great. vikram shouts the goons have long past. you may now come downstairs. how low will you stoop? you knew that they mistook tanvi for you? nonetheless you kept pretty. what if something had passed off to her?
Vikram says to tanvi i dont’ know what to say to make you feel better. please forgive me and forgive us. tanvi is crying.
Scene 2
Piyush says ma why you delivered me right here? roshni is in health facility. she wishes me. mataji says he’s right. roshni desires him. simar says i dont’ have some other manner. we are able to’t live piyush by myself. mataji says but that pooja confirmed he isn’t kal. simar says see this paper. sumit tried writing the call of the attacker. he wrote pi.. what could this imply? mataji says no our piyush can’t do that. it is able to be each person. simar says however we must be careful. if there may be kaal in him it is able to be dangerous for our circle of relatives. mataji says how can we prevent him if he’s kaal? simar says i have a way. she mixes some thing within the water.


Anjali says they got here to kill me however you dont’ care approximately that. you most effective care about this tanvi? what magic have you ever accomplished on my husband? tanvi says sufficient ma’am. this is too much. you have got crossed the limit. i wont tolerate this anymore. i confronted the ones thugs because of you. and in preference to thanking me you are blaming me again? abnajli says wow now you’ve got commenced speakme in front of me? due to the fact vikram gave you a touch way. tanvi says no.. anjali says just close up. do you even recognize whom are you talking to? i will kick you out in two mins. stay to your limits. don’t forget who you are. a middle magnificence.. vikram slaps her. he says you have forgotten the whole lot. anjali says this lady can’t stay here. vikram says she will be able to stay right here in case you want to depart you could. anjali says i don’t believe this. for this servant you are kicking your wife out? first-rate then she can live here. i’m leaving. tao ji says anjali please forestall. vikram says its her day by day drama. she won’t move everywhere. saroj says in coronary heart what i couldn’t do happened itself.


Scene Three
Piyush is crying. he reminisces his moments with sumit. simar says don’t cry. piyush says he became like a dad. i feel like i’m orphan now. he left me and roshni.. simar says drink this water.
mataji says simar is wrong. piyush can’t kill everyone. piyush drinks the water and faints. mataji says he could be very harm simar. i don’t assume he can attack sumit. simar says i don’t consider that either. but we ought to be careful. we are able to’t leave piyush at massive. mataij says what you mean?


Anjali comes downstairs together with her baggage. she says i’m leaving. are you happy now? tanvi says please forestall her. vikram says permit her pass. tanvi says please don’t cross madam. vikram says allow her pass. vikram gets a name.
its amar. anjali stops and turns again. he says what? how? while did this appear? we’re coming. he says sumit uncle has died. anjali is stunned. she says what..


Simar involves room and sees piyush fainted. mataji says don’t do all this. i don’t like this. this is our baby. simar says i don’t need to try this either but for everyone’s protection we want to try this. if my fear is right then we should do that.
Simar ties piyush with the bed. mataji says i’m hoping everything is going nice.

Scene Four
The funeral is going. ananiya and ridhima come too. pari says in which is simar? amar says they may be coming. ananiya says to ridhima sumit uncle died. please tell anybody reality before a person else loses existence too. ridhima says this isn’t the right time. i’m able to inform all people. simar is crying. she comes inner. roshni hugs her. simar says i will defend roshni even though i need to move against piyush for that. simar says roshni you have to stay sturdy in your mom.
where is she? roshni says she doesn’t want to leave the house. i attempted so difficult. mataji says she is damaged. a lady says in which is piyush? simar says he had to go someplace for an essential work. the female says what’s more crucial than his father in law’s funeral? mataji says at this moment we all should pray for sumit’s soul.
roshni says simar ma is hiding something.


Piyush opens his eyes. he sees himself chained. he says is someone open those chains and assist me. is someone there?

Precap-roshni says ma what i’m thinking is right? Piyush papa.. simar says piyush can’t kill each person. but we had to be careful seeing the conditions. simar takes roshni to piyush. there’s a thread there this is going to ananiya’s residence. roshni says i assume ananiya and her own family is at the back of something is going on with piyush.


Update Credit To: Dolly


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