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Sasural Simar Ka 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Sasural Simar Ka 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Sasural Simar Ka 9th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Scene 1
Ananya comes to her room and is in daze. aarav asks why she appear tensed? whats the matter? did everybody say something to you? inform me, ananya says i try to achieve this an awful lot for every person however i mess up the whole thing, i introduced grocery with love but own family idea that i wasted cash, i favored bag but didnt even buy it to no longer splurge money, aarav says that is the matter, i wont spare the bag which made you cry, ananya says i dont want to talk to you, aarav says then how will i stay? if i dont see your smile each day then i cant have my day best, we could search your smile, in which did it pass? ananya smiles at his antic, aarav says now my day is entire, aarav hugs her and appears on.


Full Details of Sasural Simar Ka 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Tanvi asks vikram what he notion now? vikram says i’ve attempted to make anjali apprehend but she doesnt listen and its useless now, its now or by no means, i’m able to want your help in what i am going to do, will you help me? tanvi says ofcourse however whats your plan? vikram seems on.
anjali is mendacity on her bed, window makes noise with wind, anjali receives scared and closes it. she says shall we skip time on smartphone. anjali starts offevolved looking at her photoshoots, then her photographs with vikram on their wedding ceremony comes onscreen, she receives tensed seeing.


Vikram meets saroj, saroj asks what’s it that he wanted to tell at night time? vikram meet anjali’s family too, he says i have determined something, mataji asks what? vikram says i tried to do the whole thing, he says to simar that she didnt come round so i’m breaking all hopes now.
anjali cries seeing wedding pics with vikram. she remembers her sweet moments with vikram. she wipes her tears and says now way.
Simar asks vikram what decision he has made? vikram says we kept the use of it as threat however now its time to make it proper, me and tanvi will go to wedding mandap now, all are bowled over. simar says what are you announcing? vikram says i understand you humans this this is bizarre and also you won’t even recognize but we dont have another choice, we have completed the whole thing and that is last thing, if anjali doesnt react after hearing about my and tanvi’s wedding ceremony then our relation had no well worth, anjali never loved me and our relation changed into empty, it became my mistake that i couldnt unite with anjali. simar says dont take decisions in haste, will this selection be great? vikram says i’ve suppose sufficient, we’re tired of wondering, i gave her my property and the whole lot to your pronouncing but anjali didnt care, she didnt try and shop our relation, i experience anjali doesnt care approximately my identification, i have lived for anjali from the time i married but anjali lives for herself, its enough now, something you said, i listened to it, i accompanied all of your commands, anjali has to apprehend my love now, she has to come around, she is leave her ego and are available for my love.
Anjali says to herself that i will never cross returned to vikram, he has left me for a servant and thinks that i’m able to bow to him and run back to him but its now not going to occur.
vikram says to simar that anjali has to bow down, if she involves stop this marriage then excellent but otherwise i will realize she by no means cared for our relation. mataji says this is not proper. simar says reflect onconsideration on tanvi, every lady has dreams of wedding ceremony, we cant put her dreams at stake for anjali, can ranvi put on bridal get dressed in this fake wedding ceremony? are you able to turn out to be part of this vain wedding? tanvi says if vikram and anjali’s relation get saved by me sporting wedding ceremony get dressed then i’m ready, i’ve constantly been with vikram to make him reunite with anjali and if that is remaining step in the direction of it then i am ready. vikram says to them that i’m doing this after thinking, i know you people have many questions but trust me, i wont let wrong appear with everyone. khushi hides there and pay attention. vikram says i will do arrangements of wedding and after that at some point will decide anjali and my destiny. khushi says whose wedding? vikram leaves. simar says to tanvi that what you’re doing for my daughter, thank you for that, god fulfill all your goals, family leaves. tanvi is in tears, she breakdowns and cries, she thinks what i’m doing? this is only a play among vikram and anjali, vikram become never mine, i have to pop out, i am just a servant and helpers, she cries. khushi sees her and says what’s taking place? why she is crying? there may be something wrong, i should start operating and find out what this remember is, she smirks.


Scene 2
Ananya is getting equipped in her room. ananya sees bag which she liked on her mattress, she says am i dreaming? aarav comes there and says no that is actual, this is for you, ananya says that is for real? she hugs him and says i love you, he says i really like you too. ananya says but that is expansive, aarav says however your smile is priceless, i dont have such awful days that i cant convey a element which you, ananya asks how did he understand that she liked that bag? aarav says i recognise your preference. ananya hugs him. radha comes there. she says great bag, she wears it and asks how i am looking? ananya says very cute, radha says i can show it to every body, she takes bag with her however ananya runs behind her.


Last Part of Sasural Simar Ka 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Simar is sadly sitting, mataji asks what she is questioning? simar appears on. radha comes there. radha shows bag to mataji and asks how i’m looking? mataji says quality. simar says you’re looking wonderful, where did you discover this bag? radha says its ananya’s. ananya comes there. khushi says its great bag. umi sees bag;s charge tag and says such expansive bag? khushi stops her. roshini asks radha to give bag to ananya. ananya says its okay, she is a kid. roshini takes bag from ananya and asks if she offered it? ananya says no, aarav talented it to me, roshini says he has fine choice, she gives it to ananya. ananya is going to put it. parti says to khushi that this chance is pleasant, we have to take gain of this example, khushi smirks.


Precap- Vikram calls anjali, anjali says you finally remembered me? vikram says that is critical event and i’ve to tell my ex-wife, anajli asks whats special? vikram says i am going to marry tanvi, she says are you joking? vikram says i dont lie like you, i am marrying her the next day in mandir beside antique citadel. anjali is greatly surprised.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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