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Sethji 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Sethji 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Sethji 18th April 2017 Written Episode Updates.


Scene 1
sethji and devi visit the lake. she keeps coughing. she comes returned to domestic. sethji asks devi are you ok? do you’ve got fever. she says its okay even if i’ve fever that would be repentance too. sethji asks her to sit down and asks uttara to make tea for devi. uttara gives the tea to devi. devi says why are you doing so much for me? sethji says i’m your sister in regulation. i need to cope with you. take this tulsi as properly. she leaves. devi says first she punished me and now this drama. let bhaorao grow to be sethji. then i’m able to see you.


Full Details of Sethji 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Bharao says to nagesh that sethji chair is mine and so is devsu. she kicked me out of the metropolis 16 years in the past. nagesh says be patient. he says i’m due to the fact you ask me. otherwise i would have entered devsuy and got my seat again through power.
Sethji is practicing combating from rods. her guru comes and says forestall.
Bharao says what need to we cross? nagesh says we will smash her generations.
guru says to sethji you’ve got end up an expert. her so baaji says you don’t should examine all this until i am here. she says we all have to be active and attentive. devsu is underneath chance.
Bhaorao says to nagesh i have waited enough. for this seat i even did that to her husband. nagesh says that must be a secret constantly. she shouldn’t recognise what we did to her husband in any other case she can us.
sethji asks raghav to take more care of borders and no longer permit anything come inside from towns.
nagesh says we must trap people of devsu with things of town. and when they run after those things they’ll cross against sethji.
At night time, bhaaji is on the borders with his buddies. they pay attention earrings of a phone. they could’t understand what sound it’s miles and think it’s far some ghost. they see a few poeple and run after them. bhaaji grasps the ones men. raghav says very good. bhaaji says i’m sorry that i went out of doors the border of devsu to trap them. but i had to. you and sethji are so involved about our city in recent times. raghav asks to fasten those guys.


Scene 2
Inside the morning, sethji starts offevolved the day with pooja. she says to bhaaji i am so satisfied to look you here in temple right now. he syas i used to be on the border all night time. she says i heard which you caught those two guys. he says but i.. she says i realize you broke the rule of thumb by going out of doors the border. you may punish me. she says cross and get the palace geared up for the judgment. the ones men will be punished.
Bhaaji and his buddies move closer to the palace and hear a few noise. someone is coming there on a bike. they don’t apprehend what it is. his buddy says what it’s miles? why is it coming so rapid? the head looks like of iron. they hide behind fields. bhaaji throws a stone at the biker and a lady falls from the motorbike. he is taken aback. she triesto manage her bike and falls down. he remembers seeing the identical female in his goals. his pal says she is even extra lovely than that sculpture. she stands up and cleans her hand. bhaaji comes and pours water on her. she appears at him. he became dreaming that. the lady stands up and is derived to them. she says in english what the hell. she is being mad and shouts but bhaak most effective smiles. he handiest hears sonds. she says are you men mad? idiots. bhaaji continues searching at her smiling.


Last Part of Sethji 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji asks uttara devika didn’t come to the pooja? she says no. she continues to be no longer feeling well. bhaaji’s pal ask him to prevent her. he says you could’t input that village. she says as though you’ll forestall me. attempt it. he says if sethji gets to recognise we didn’t forestall her. she and we are able to be punished. we need to do some thing. they listen the announcement approximately the judgement. he says sethji is coming right here. please do something. bhaaji, ganiya and mithal pick up the lady and hide her. he says sorry for this sin god. sethji walks from there later along with her jury.
sethji stops there


Precap-Sethji says bhaaji, ganesh and mithal you all know the guidelines of devsu. in case you break guidelines whilst understanding them your punishement could be tough.


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