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Sethji 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Sethji 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Sethji 19th April 2017 Written Episode Updates.


scene 1
bhajji, ganiya and mithal take that woman to a small residence and try to tie her there. she shoves them and tries to run away. bhaaji catches her and that they tie her. he puts a tape on her face. she says you may’t scare me. he says why might you be scared? we must be scared. if sethji gets to understand we’re long gone. we received’t harm you. she says then why are you kidnapping me? he says please we are not harming you. we delivered you here to shield you. we don’t have time and need to go to darbar. we can come again and let you know the purpose. they go away and the lady screams for help.

the darbar starts offevolved. nagesh and bhaorao’s spy is there with microphone. he says can you hear? nagesh says yes. raghav brings those two men that had been stuck.
sethji says tell me why you two did that? why you got here on this city and taken metropolis matters right here? the man says we’re sorry. we didn’t do anything. raghav brings the bag of things they introduced from the metropolis. raghav says so you are harmless? the man says sure. raghav says in devsu outsiders are not allowed. the person says we didn’t recognize that. sambha says you have to go nearby or away? one says close by different says far. sambha you each have sinned. you two were stuck from the area where samba ji turned into murdered. you got here there to kill him. the person says we didn’t kill them. we don’t understand who he is. we just got here here with these items. sethji says thanks sambha. she says now you two have confessed you got here right here with those metropolis things. now inform us who sent you right here earlier than raghav kills you. the man says we made a mistake. sethji says you have made our metropolis impure. you two will be punished in a manner that the only who despatched you here gained’t try this again. they each start blaming every different.
mithal says to bhaaji if sethji gets to know what we did she won’t leave us either.
sethji says so that you are blaming each other. so i can make you each rely upon every other forever. raghav take them. raghav takes them from there.
nagesh says shit.
raghav and men convey them to river and grasp them on a pulley. sambha says now you two depend on each other. if one dis-balances both will falls within the river. you’ll be here all night time. if you don’t fall then you’ll be unfastened day after today.
sethji additionally said mithal, bhaaji and ganiya crossed the borders of devsu. they may be punished. raghav says however they did that to trap those men. sethji says however they broke a rule besides. they will live at the river all night time and hold an eye on the culprits.
sambha says to the 3, you will all live here all night time.

scene 2
the girl pragati is trying to interrupt her ropes. she says what need to i do. she takes out her telephone but it has not indicators.

replace in progress


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