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Sethji 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Sethji 1st May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Sethji 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
Devika is coming internal the shop. she says they have got ruined my life. pragati is hidden in the back of the wall. pragati says why is she sneaking in? why is she scared? she is from devsu herself.
Devika sneaks out from the other facet and goes towards the jungle. pragati follows her. bhaoroa comes to fulfill her. she says i know how difficult it is to satisfy you. bhaorao says you appearance so excited. devika says after I see that sethji seat i experience terrible. that became your seat. baho says don’t worry. see what i added for you. he offers her goodies. she recollects her punishment. she says i don’t need it. pragati says i will’t see or pay attention some thing from right here.


Full Details of Sethji 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Devi takes the goodies and says preserve this shopper with you. sethji noticed this closing time as properly.
nagesh comes there. he says to bhao i feel like a person is there. behind the trees. bhao says ought to i deliver gun? he says no shall we pass and heck first.
A person pats on pragati’s shoulder. its bhaorao. he asks her to stay silent. bhao says in heart nagesh shouldn’t see her before she learns about sadarshiya’s reality.
Nagesh’s son says no one is here dad. nagesh says permit’s move lower back. they take a seat inside the vehicle. pragati recollects. she says you are the one i saw in amrat village’s sethji. who was that lady you have been meeting? bhao says she is my spouse. i know she isn’t allowed to meet me but nobody can prevent us from assembly. we need to meet each different in jungle. pragati says who did that? sethji? he says yes. sethji separated us after two months of marriage. please don’t tell sethji. she can supply her punish like baji.pragati says you realize baji? he says i’m baji’s uncle. what are you doing here? nita instructed me you were searching out sadarshiya. why are you looking for him? she says i will handiest tell him. bhao says i can assist you if only you don’t tell baji approximately me. baji will tell his mother. pragati says k i won’t. he says k then pass. i’m able to meet you here with sadarshuya’s information after four days.
Raghav listens something from baaji’s small camp. he goes internal nobody is there. raghav sees the sculpture there. he is dazed. he recalls pragati. he says that girl’s sculpture in baji’s camp. whilst did he start doing all this? he is going out. pragati comes returned there. she says thank god i have human beings assisting me out now. no matter what occurs i’m able to discover sadarshuya.
Baaji is asleep. he remembers his moments with pragati. raghav comes and wakes him up. raghav says now i recognize why you are smiling in sleep. i went for your camp remaining night. baji says in heart he noticed pragati there?



Raghav says for how long have you hid it there? You go there again and again because of this reason? is this why you go back there again and again?
You have already hurt sethji. You made the sculpture? Baji says you saw the idol only? Rahav says yes why? Is this a joke to you? Baji says that idol is not of that girl. Raghav says I saw it clearly. Baji says I made this sculpture three months ago. Raghav says then why is there similarity? Baji says her hairs were colored but my sculpture isn’t. Why do you see her in the idol? should I tell bhabhi? Raghav says shut up and go from here.

Scene 2
Nagesh asks his son if his mom is up? He says mom is up. She is seeing english news. Nahgesh says she can’t speak Hindi properly and seeing English news. Nita comes and says what are you talking behind my back. The son asks that girl who came here last night? Is she asleep or up? Nita says I don’t know. She left last night. She was looking for someone named Mahashiv. Nagesh says why didn’t you tell us? Nita says you weren’t here. Nagesh says who is Mahanshiv? She says how would I know. his son says that girl has gone to Devsu. They will kick her out and she will come back to us. She will act as our pawn.
Nagesh says if this works Sehtji’s neck would be in our claws.


Sethji 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap-Baji’s foot gets injured. He screams. Pragati get worried and helps him out. In the house, sethji says I as Baji’s mother give his hand in Sandhiya’s hands. Baji will never say no to what I decide for him.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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