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Sethji 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Sethji 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update. Sethji 20th July 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Scene 1
pragati says why is govinda so disenchanted. uttara asks him what is incorrect. she says i seemed anywhere for you. permit take tub. govinda says i need bath with mother not you. uttara says mother is cooking. include me or you’ll be overdue. wasu says its okay i can bathe him. uttara says ok i will put together for the pooja.
uttara says to gauri please wash this dish. she saays in coronary heart i should meet that guy. she says my stomach hurts. uttara says you have to go to vaidh ji. take baji with you. gauri says its k i will visit vaidh ji.
gauri is going outdoor. devi says where are you going? she says my stomach hurts. i’m going to vaidh ji. devi says i’m able to’t pass like that when my stomach hurts. i’ve to check where she is going. she says but no i ought to as a substitute burn uttarra’s coronary heart.


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Devi involves uttara says why you appearance upset. she says i am high-quality. devi says you don’t recollect me like your mom. uttara says its no longer like that. truely govinda in recent times.. devi says i apprehend. i were going through this for 16 years. raghu and sambha loved me when they were youngsters. they develop up and they realize who is their mom and who’s different man or woman. you could have kids too if raghu desires. is everything k between you and him? she says sure. devi says then i’m able to pray which you have youngsters too.
baji comes to sethji. raghu and sambha come too. sethji says i have referred to as you here for something crucial. gauri is grown up now. we need to discover a excellent man for her. sambha says she is so younger. sethji says wasu was of her age while she came right here. sambha says she grew up so early. baji says yes, she used to run round with me within the city and now its her marriage age. sethji says inform pandit ji to search for an excellent guy. he should have accurate circle of relatives. i want a person far far from ambrat. i want my daughter to stay far from all this combat.


Scene 2
Garui involves the temple. ambhi sees her and says she is so hot. i assume my fire is burning her. i am the hero and the hero should input past due.
gauri says i assume he gained’t come these days. she waits for him. ambi comes there and sasy you got here to meet me? she says no i came to get the leaves. i’ve other matters. he says then where are the leaves? she says i assume they fell. he says i can pluck some for you. he puts his hand on her shoulder. he says i will even carry moon for you. but moon isn’t always even near your beauty.. she says you flirt the equal in metropolis? he says you’re my pal. will you meet me every day here? we will right. she says no no. he says yes sure. he says i can die if i don’t meet you. i will eat poison. usually remember your ambi. she says don’t be silly and hugs him. he says i am your buddy. will you come back for me?
he says i introduced a present for you. he suggests her the cellphone. she says it is what human beings speak with? my bhabhi has it. he says with it we can speak each day. will you talk to me? our ought to i devour that poison? she hugs him and says i have to cross. devi says thi is the vaidh she wanted to return to.


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