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Sethji 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Sethji 24th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Sethji 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
Pragati is waiting out of doors. all of the girls make a laugh of her. they say have you ever visible someone with a purple hair? and study her clothes. devika says she seems like from every other planet. pragati wherein am i caught.
the wedding ends. sehtji says our daughters can input or leave this city after they get married here or out of here. guys aren’t allowed tho. you have to promise you will constantly follow regulations of our devsu. she says i vow. sethji says when you pass the border you may overlook your vintage life-style. she says i vow. sethji says you gained’t permit any city factor come right here. she says i vow. sethji says if you see a person breaking the rules you will inform us. she says i vow. sethji says if you ever destroy a rule you may receive your punishment. she says i vow. she enters the village.


Full Details of Sethji 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji turns lower back to pragati. she walks closer to her. sethji says now time for your justice. tell me what befell with you in devsu? baji is walking here and there searching out pragati. he says where have you long gone. vithal is coming towards him. he says
I assume vithal observed her. thank god.
Baji says in which is she? vithal says she went to sethji. sethji has set court docket. baji is stunned. baji runs. vithal says don’t pass. you will get caught too.
Pragati tells them what the men did with her. raghav indicates her a few boys to recognize. she says they were non of these. baji is coming there. he says i assume mai will punish her. i should do some thing. ganesh comes and prevents him. he says you wont’ cross inside. raghav is making her apprehend the boys. vithal says but we are out so we’re secure. ganesh says then she will be punished.


Scene 2
sethji says if none of these boys were from them then you are accountable. she says i don’t want each person to be punished. sethji says sinner need to be punished. baji says i am going interior however you two wont come.
baji comes inner and says the perpetrator you are looking for is me. anybody is taken aback. whatever passed off along with her i’m responsbilbe for it. sethji stands up in surprise.
raghav says what are you saying? this isn’t always a joke. baji says i’m now not joking. i’m the sinner i should be punished.


Sambha says baji is stupid. he usually attempts to save different people. he wasn’t even right here. he asks pragati if he was the man? she stays silent. sethji says so you accpet baji you are the offender of what she accused? he says yes i am. everybody is greatly surprised. sethji says before i say something could you want to justify why you snatched her stuff? ganesh says to vithal sure she simplest accused us of stealing or hiding her motorcycle. she didn’t say something. he recalls she stated someone stole her motorbike.
Sethji said that individual should be punished. pragati says no i don’t want him to be punished. i just want my motorcycle back. sethji said you received’t determine that. vithal says she didn’t inform about kidnapping.
pragati says in coronary heart don’t say anything else. sethji says i’m able to’t believe my son was lured via a motorcycle. you hid her bike? baji appears at pragati. sethji says inform me why you took her bike. pragati says i am no longer mad. i forgave him. sethji says this is not your metropolis. we don’t forgive here. sethji says tell me why you took her motorcycle? baji says i will’t tell you the cause. i’m sorry.


Last Part of Sethji 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update
Sethij says you silence is taking you toward a intense punishment. okay you don’t wanna tell me the cause. however you have to solution me became a person else worried with you too? baji says no i took it by myself. no one else changed into with me. Everybody is stunned. Sethji says silence all of us. its time to announce the punishment.


Precap-Sethji says you are not just her offender but wrongdoer of your village, mother and people. you’ll determine your punishment yourself. he says i choose 100 belts for myself.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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