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Sethji 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Sethji 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update. Sethji 24th July 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Sethji says this has affected life of everyone. we will get out of this collectively.. don’t assume you’re by myself. i won’t sit down till i solve this problem. she asks tukur what is the reputation of the south? he says all the homes are destroyed. all and sundry tells her the equal story. sethji says we should keep the religion. she asks raghu to begin repairing the house and ship meals to th affected houses. she says till your houses are repaired you can stay in my palace as my guests.


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Gauri is in her room seeking out the phone. she says wherein did it move? did a person see it. she unearths it. devi hears vibration from gauri’s room. she says what is this voice. she remembers pragati’s phone sounded the identical. gauri choices the decision. ambi says how are you? i used to be so scared about you after hearing about the incident? gauri says i and my family are high-quality. gauri seems like someone is there. she opens the door. devi is there. gauri hides the phone. devi says had been you speaking to a person? gauri says i used to be singing. sethji asks gauri and devi to come back downstairs. gauri hides the smartphone and is going downstairs.
sehtji says don’t you both understand that it became darbar time? devi says i was coming. sethji says you may constantly be irresponsible. devi says i used to be arranging milk for the human beings coming right here. sethji says in which is it then? devi says all of the cows are scared and a few have ran. sethji says pass and put together for their meals.
Pandit ji says we have to do pooja. sethji says thats an amazing notion. Devi says to bhao this sethji always keeps scolding me. bhao says within a few days you becomes the queen of this palace. chill out. devi says i so need to reveal her well worth to her. bhao says we have to be cautious. we can’t provide her a hint. our largest weapon is nagesh and pragati’s relationship. devi says that sethji has asked me to sleep with her. bhaao says you may’t inform all and sundry yet.


Baji is worried. pragati seems at him. he says i was questioning we must visit pandit ji and show him our kundlis. pragati says what could that do? he says we are able to realize the problem and do pooja for it. prgaati says what will you assert to pandit? baji says i can say that my wedding ceremony night time.. i imply.. no please inform me what ought to i say,. she says you’re disturbing for no motive. i’m not going everywhere. we are both here. we will rejoice our wedding ceremony night. he says i’ve been patient for two months. you maintain annoying me. sambha comes in and says who annoys my brother? baji says you do.
pragati says you all three can sleep right here.


Sethji and everybody serve women their meal. gatu says to his mom i wanna move home. he’s scared. his mom says he has been scared ever seeing that earthquake got here. he isn’t consuming. sethji is involved. pragati says gatu you recollect i examine you a tale yesterday. of a robust king. you didn’t tell me in case you favored it. she feeds the children along with her palms. she tells them all testimonies and makes them eat. sethji smiles. she says the lion is robust as it eats nicely. she makes them all devour.


Last Part of Sethji 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update


Devi says to uttara she is triumphing heart of setji. soon she may be sethji’s favourite.
devi involves sleep with sethji. devi says i don’t wanna sleep next to her. she says my belly hurts. sethji sleeps. devi comes downstairs. she says thank god i got here here from her room. she sees a shadow. she says who is in residence so late? its ambi. he’s hidden in the back of a pillar. devi sees him.


Precap-Devi says this is nagesh’s soom ambi. she tells bhao. he says god is giving us probabilities. all the ladies do pooja with the aid of taking names of their fathers. pragati says what if i dont recognise call of my father. every body is dazed.


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