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Sethji 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Sethji 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update. Sethji 25th July 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Devi says what is ambi doing right here. she is going and tells bhao. all of the women are on rooftop. they may be singing and taking part in together. ganesh’s spouse tells she is pregnant. wasu says when and how did this manifest. sunita is shy. pragati says we can ask questions. wasu says she is so lovely ganesh couldn’t forestall himself. they all tease her. uttara is feeling upset. she recalls devi’s words. she sees everybody laughing and satisfied..
ambi calls gauri and says what cellphone is off. devi is overhearing. he says silly gauri has her telephone off and i came here and took this danger. i need to be calm. i like her. i’m able to take a kiss from her. devi is dazed. he says however i don’t understand which one is gauri’s room. devi says why is ambi talking approximately gauri? she catches him. she says you can be killed if a person sees you. what are you doing right here? inform me or i’m able to inform all people.


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He says i got here to fulfill someone. please don’t kill me. a person is coming. ambi hides in the temple.
devi wakes up bhao and tells him the whole lot. bhao says are you positive that became ambii? devi says sure of route. it become ambi. i’ve visible him so often with nagesh. bhao says he came to satisfy gauri? devi says of course. bhao says that means there’s something between ambi and gauri. devi says sure. why else would he take a threat. i suppose it’s far from gauri’s facet too. her conduct is changed too. i also doubt she has a telephone too. bhao says god is giving us one danger after another. no person must understand. we are able to screen all this one proper time.


Within the morning, ganesh and baji are taking shower at the lake. baji says don’t waste water. ganhes says i understand. i’m not a toddler. ganehs says i’ve seen you speakme rudly to govinda. be humble to kids. ganesh says we are youngsters too. ganesh says no we are not. you have to behave well with my infant. baji says you will be a father? ganehs says sure. they both dance and have fun. baji says you gained. ganehs says your quantity will come too.
baji says i’m married however i couldn’t have my wedding night time. ganehs says your peak is of little need? baji says shut up. ganesh says no no i’m no longer making a laugh. we ought to think something for you. baji says sure. ganesh says we have to create surroundings.


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All of the ladies are doing pooja. baji and pragati contact sethji’s feet. she says usually stayed married to pragati. baji says to pragati i will die besides if we don’t rejoice our wedding ceremony night time anymore. pragati says be patient. All ladies stand in circle for pooja. pandit ji asks them to take their father’s names and family names. all of them do one at a time. pragati is silent. pandot says take your father and family name. pragati saays if i don’t understand my father’s name then? all and sundry is dazed. pandit ji says how is that possible? pragati says i don’t understand my father’s name. this is why i don’t understand my circle of relatives call both. can’t i do pooja without that? anyone murmurs approximately her. pandit ji asks is your father alive? she says i don’t realize. i even don’t understand who he’s. pandit says i’m sorry however if so you can’t do that pooja. pragati says this isn’t always the purpose enough. sethji says pragati you could’t be a part of this pooja. we are able to’t trade the ritual.


Precap-Sethji is doing pooja for rain. all of sudden it begins raining. each person is happy. bhao says this rain will turn into a typhoon.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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