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Sethji 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Sethji 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Sethji 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
Sethji says i restoration my son baaji’s marriage with sandhya. baaji is my pride. he gained’t ever cross towards me. baaji says to pragati i fell in love with you the moment i saw you. pragati says what? are you out of your mind?
pragati says that is the trouble of you villagers. a woman smiles and you fall for her? what do you know approximately me? nothing. nonetheless i talked to you and taken into consideration you a pal. it was my mistake. i shouldn’t be frank to you. what did you suspect? whats our in shape? you observed i’m able to live here in this abandoned village? or you’ll come town with me? it started out with this temple. she breaks the idol. she says what do even realize approximately out of doors this village?


Full Details of Sethji 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


She says see it’s miles broken. how may want to you even believe that i can fall in love with a backward person such as you? she says i gained’t live here for another second. i’m going from here. i don’t even wanna see your face. go from right here. baji is in tears. the tune ‘chan say jo tootay koi sapna’ performs in historical past. baaji walks out in tears. pragati is in camp baaji recollects the entirety she stated.
Scene 2
Pandit ji tests the kundli of baaji and sandhya. uttara says i can dance plenty in baji’s wedding. wasundara begins dancing. sethji says you dance properly. this is the good time we should celebrate. sethji asks pandjit what’s the proper time? he says after days is a good time. pandit says however.. physician says but? is there any problem is sandhya’s kundli. pandit says no her kundli is nice. however in step with kundli she ought to had been married by using now. she has precise kundli. i don’t recognise how she changed into caught in such a lot of troubles. sethji says she became destined to marry my baaji. don’t worry approximately this stuff now and permit’s begin making ready. there isn’t a lot time. raghu comes in. sethji tells him approximately the wedding date. she says in which is baaji? i’ve to inform him as well. did you meet him? baaji would be so happy. he might never say no to me.
Raghu recalls his time. he went to his cherished and said i will’t marry you. i will marry the woman my mother chose. i will’t go towards right here. i got here here to mention goodbye.


Baaji walks in. he recollects what pragati said to him. govinda says baaji uncle will you play with me after marriage? Sethji says baaji i have constant your marriage. baaji is shocked.
Sethji says our doctor, along with his niece. your kundlis suit as well. baaji recollects what pragati said. sethji says you wanna say some thing? baaji sayzs i’m able to do as you are saying. raghu leaves. sethji says i’m not sethji here. i’m your mother. you wanna say some thing? he says no mom not anything. i’m glad. sethji says see i informed you my son will continually do what i say.


Pragati says he’s so stupid who falls in love like this? did i say tons? however i did right. he started out dreaming of love? then marriage and youngsters. he could be nice some days. thank god i stopped him. she is leaving. raghu comes in. he says you have got hurt my brother. thanks for playing with emotions of my brother. he received’t forget this. she says how do you understand i’m right here? raghu says you higher gave him right lesson. this is why he took proper choice. pragati says is he ok? raghu says thats now not your problem. please leave devsu. she says i didn’t want to harm him. that turned into not my aim. she leaves.


Uttara indicates sethji a dress. sethji says this is so pretty. it’s going to look so correct on sandhya. i can’t agree with baji is so grown up. we’ve discovered this type of top female for him.
pragati is strolling outside. she remembers what raghu stated. she sees sandhya speakme to a person. sandhyay says to nagesh you despatched me to devsu to do all that drama so she gets me married to someone in devsu. she fixed my marriage along with her son. and he said yes as well. nagesh says you have to act like this negative female until we accomplish our venture. you need to ruin that baaji’s existence. pragati says who is this guy? why are they making plans all this in opposition to baaji?


Last Part of Sethji 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Baaji is in his room. he remembers the whole thing pragati and sethji stated. he is in tears. he holds his head. raghu is available in and says why are you unhappy? i realize the whole lot. control yourself. baaji says no i am great. raghu says you’ve got grown up a lot? you will make a sacrifice in one day? baaji says what sacrifice? raghu says for years human beings have taken care of this devsu and sethji is maximum liable for it. we’re sethji’s sons. we must sacrifice the maximum of devsu. baaji says why are you pronouncing that? raghu says you’ve got taken a grand choice. you are becoming married. locate your concord in it.
Sethji 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap-Sandhya comes within the palace. sethji says how dare you come here? pragati says wasn’t getting your son hundred belts enough for you that now you want to get him married? sethji says sufficient. pragati says you can’t rule me or order me with you sethji name.
Baji says sufficient. you haven’t any right to speak in our family and village subjects. move returned to your metropolis and don’t ever display us your face again.


Update Credit To: Aditiya


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