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Shakti 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Shakti 10th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Shakti 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with chintu telling kareena that kinnars are lovely, however you aren’t beautiful. kareena asks like your soumya mami. chintu says sure. raavi asks chintu to come and feature milk. harman asks who is there. kareena comes near soumya…and asks why you’re scared. she says if i take you currently, then harman will freed you, however at some point you may come by way of yourself. harman says soumya, gets tensed and sits in his automobile to return home. soumya says you have emerge as a mum and says they will rejoice. soumya asks her to offer her baby. kareena says i’m his mausi and asks soumya to bounce. soumya asks her to present child. kareena says you need to dance and says you need to have dance when you have stayed with us. soumya recollects getting humiliated by means of a man and asks kareena to provide her child. kareena asks her to look at.


Full Details of Shakti 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Preeto and others experience the drama. viren tries to prevent, however preeto asks him to stand silently.
kareena handover the infant to other kinnar. they throw the baby and play with him. soumya gets involved and says toddler may be harm. child cries. they throw baby to every other and preserve soumya. kareena smirks. they throw infant in air to make him give way on floor. soumya is bowled over, however harman comes and holds the infant at right time saving him. soumya is in surprise and tears. shakti music performs…..soumya takes the toddler and kisses him. harman sees her motherly love and asks her to visit room. he then turns to kareena angrily and asks what is this misbehavior and asks is that this the way to deal with the toddlers. kareena says they are toddler’s mausi. harman asks them to now not to show fake relation and says we will contend with our baby properly. kareena asks him to carry soumya out for the kinnars meet. harman asks them to depart silently. kareena says i’m going, and that infant’s nek is closing. they go away.


Harman claps and applaud for his own family, for seeing the drama silently and says i’ve realized that you aren’t my own family else you people wouldn’t have allow this take place with my spouse and son. he is going to room. soumya is crying still retaining the infant. harman says you are unhappy even now. soumya says she is involved about the baby. harman says till i am right here, you shall now not worry about you or infant. he tells that he has delivered garments and toys for babies. soumya says you have got introduced a good deal. harman asks her to select what she wants. soumya tells harman that she doesn’t understand why kareena is doing this, and says for as soon as i’m able to consider going along with her, however gained’t allow this occur with the infant.


Preeto gives cash to kareena and says they’re shaken up now. she says harman will no longer insult his dad and mom publicly and tells that soumya will inform him that she will visit you, else….harman asks soumya to vow that she will never depart him. preeto asks kareena to inform network contributors how soumya’s dad and mom betrayed them and the way they’re bearing soumya, were given her sister married but she eloped. she asks her to make her amazing and no longer t smash their recognize. kareena assures her after which thinks she don’t care about her recognize. soumya says however….harman says you may no longer cross anywhere and says what’s going to occur if kareena tells reality to anybody. soumya says she is worried approximately child. harman says he will grow understanding your reality and says that is our infant and we are able to deliver him up collectively.


Soumya addresses to her network and tells that she tried to bring soumya returned being guru maa, however don’t need to force her. she tells that she referred to as every body here to make soumya keep in mind that it’ll be higher for her to stay with them and this manner harman’s life will get better. everyone claps for her. harman asks soumya to have meals and asks why you are scared when i’m with you. he says he’s hungry too and takes child in his lap. he asks toddler to make gulabo understand no longer to get scared. he holds her hand and takes her downstairs.


Last Part of Shakti 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


He pulls the chair and makes her sit after which offers child in soumya’s hand and sits beside her. shanno tells that she is pregnant, however viren don’t take care of her like harman looks after kinnar. harman serves veggie and paratha in soumya’s plate. soumya is tensed. harman sees soumya having issue to devour along with her hand as she is having toddler and tries to feed her. soumya is tensed due to his own family.


Precap of Shakti 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Kareena and kinnars come to harman’s residence. preeto signs and symptoms kareena. kareena along with kinnars goes to soumya’s room and asks her to offer away the child. soumya refuses. kareena tries to snatch baby from her hand, but harman comes and keeps gun on kareena’s head. kareena insists to get the baby. harman fires in air.



Update Credit To: Aditiya

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