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Shakti 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollupdates. Shakti 13th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Shakti 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode begins with harman coming to viren’s room and asks what came about. viren says ache started. harman says we will take her to medical doctor. soumya asks him to name health practitioner. harman calls health center and asks to ship ambulance. receptionist tells about the strike of drivers. soumya asks him to move and take a look at if there’s a person close to. shanno tells viren that she will’t bear the ache. soumya maintains her child on sofa and tries to help shanno. viren asks her not to touch her and says don’t recognise what will manifest if kinnar touches her. harman comes and asks what you are pronouncing chache…he asks soumya to come back. soumya says its okay and asks him to call nani. nani asks her to make guys move from room and gets hot water and towel. viren says he doesn’t trust in this nonsense and could watch for medical doctors to come.


Full Details of Shakti 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Harman says chachi will die until then. he is taking viren with him. soumya asks harman to deliver warm water and towel. harman brings it. viren calls harak singh and asks them to come back home. he sees infant crying and thinks the way to touch kinnar’s child. harman tells viren that it’s miles restriction as he didn’t want to touch the toddler. he is taking his infant in his fingers. nani asks soumya to position material on shanno’s mouth and asks her to pressure. harman asks soumya to take the plate. soumya takes it. harman asks if the whole lot is satisfactory. soumya nods. viren prays for shanno and infant. preeto comes again with harak singh and asks about shanno. viren says she is inner. soumya asks shanno to push the baby. shanno shouts and delivers the toddler.
Preeto and raavi cross within the room. soumya smiles and indicates baby in her hand. she says it’s far a boy. preeto smiles and informs viren. shanno also smiles. nani and surbhi are happy to listen that. viren asks shanno if he is best. harman asks if the whole thing is great. soumya says yes and says son is born. harman congratulates viren. raavi asks preeto why he isn’t crying. nani is shocked. preeto takes the baby in her arms and says shakes child, but he don’t pass as though he is not any extra. viren asks what happened?


Preeto says abshagun passed off as he’s born with kinnar’s hand. she tells viren that your son is born dead. soumya, harman and others are greatly surprised. soumya is in surprise. shanno gets up and cries. there may be a second of surprise for everybody. viren cries and asks what you’re pronouncing. shanno also cries. harak singh asks preeto to check and says this will’t take place. shanno says nothing can appear to our toddler. harman continues his baby on bed and attempts to talk to soumya. viren says siyappa came about, i asked you not to allow her touch shanno, now my son is useless, depart her. he says kinnar will neither contact my son nor my spouse. shanno cries. preeto attempts to revive the toddler and tells that nothing properly can take place till soumya remains in her residence. harman takes the infant in his hands and offers to soumya. soumya takes the baby with teary eyes.


Harman says some thing will manifest, will do by way of soumya. soumya remembers nimmi making a song lori for her and sings lori while crying for infant. all of us cry. nani is on name still. soumya cries and her tear falls at the baby reviving him. baby starts crying. every person is happy and smiles. nani also smiles. harman sees soumya smiling with tears in her eyes. harak singh says toddler is alive. soumya smiles and looks at the toddler.


Last Part of Shakti 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Shanno wipes her tears and asks preeto to take her infant from kinnar’s hand and says i don’t want her to hold my toddler. soumya gives child to harman. harman appears angrily and gives baby to shanno. he tells shanno that you will keep in mind continually that the child is alive due to this kinnar else….he tells soumya that they are egocentric humans and says where there is no area for you, i will’t stay. he holds her hand, takes their baby and is going to his room. shanno looks angrily. preeto appears on.


Precap of Shakti 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Preeto tells harman that the toys in their residence isn’t for anybody’s sin. harman and soumya seems on stunned.


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