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Shakti 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Shakti 14th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Shakti 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with maninder telling bebe that surbhi isn’t always found and that he’s looking her because 3 days. he thinks to call preeto. surbhi comes to maninder’s residence with nani. maninder slaps her. surbhi asks him to slap her and says i am your responsible. maninder asks why you have got accomplished this? surbhi says she desires to go faraway from harman and soumya’s life. bebe says you are married to harman. surbhi says you will now not understand and says she will be able to divorce harman. maninder gets indignant. surbhi says this divorce will manifest and asks him now not to tell all people that she is in his house else she will be able to move from here.


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Soumya talks to surbhi and asks her to return home, and says we’ve done what you asked us. surbhi says i’m first-rate and says i’m able to return home. soumya says if you don’t go back then i’m able to die and soar in the river. harman asks her to leap and die and says what else other than this. surbhi says i will die and then problem is solved. soumya says choti. call is ended. nani says the whole thing can be exceptional. harman tells soumya that he’s wondering to die. soumya asks why you are saying this. harman says just because you are announcing. soumya receives emotional and says she needs everything to be high-quality and don’t want preeto to get indignant with him. harman sits on mattress and tells that he is in love and don’t care about everyone’s anger. he asks her to maintain his hand and says we will live together.
Viren tells shanno that she gave him great happiness nowadays and says he wants to declare that he has a son now. shanno asks him to be silent and says we’ve got trump card now, and we need to play cleverly. she asks him to visit harak singh and asks wealth for his son. viren goes to harak singh. harak singh asks him to sit down. viren asks him to make patiala peg. harak singh thinks he asked me to make peg, may be because he’s happy. he makes peg for him. viren liquids it. he asks harak singh to offer toys saved in room for his son. harak singh gets angry and says it’s far for my inheritor. viren gets indignant.


Preeto comes and says our inheritor will now not come, then what we can do with those toys. she asks him to come back and take all of the toys. she gives toys to viren. soumya and harman additionally come there. raavi says what you’re doing? won’t you keep anything for harman’s son. preeto asks why? she says similar to he were given son from the street, he’ll get toys from there. she says those toys are made with harak singh’s earned cash and says these we will provide to our inheritor and no longer to each person sin. soumya and harman are bowled over. harman asks her to present away all toys and says i will be happy that our son got the toys. he asks her no longer to taunt soumya and asks raavi to attend to her residence and now not intrude. raavi says i idea you are attached to infant and that’s why i stated. you are jobless. preeto asks viren to take all the toys.


Door bell rings. varun opens the door. servants come and inform that shanno’s brother jogi have sent those gifts. viren thank you them. raavi tells harman that soumya don’t have a own family or any blessing. preeto says he has no understanding of own family. door bell earrings again. varun opens the door. a few men come and preserve the items and toys. varun says who sent this blessing. raavi says shanno’s chachi mayka have despatched this. saya comes there and calls soumya. soumya and harman smile seeing her. saya asks preeto no longer to feel horrific and says lifestyles has given us a threat to present nek to someone so i purchased. harman says what’s there in it to feel bad. he says if mummy ji could had been alive, she could have carried out equal issue. he says soumya thinks of you as her mum and i think about you as my saas. soumya says mallika didi. saya says nowadays she got here to meet her son. soumya seems on happy.


Saya asks her to present child in her hand. shakti song performs….saya kisses the baby fortuitously. soumya receives teary eyes and emotional. saya gives toddler returned to soumya and says she is feeling peace nowadays seeing them. she blesses them. preeto, viren raavi and varun are disenchanted and indignant. harman is going to drop her until door. soumya smiles and hugs her son. preeto thinks this kinnar have shattered my dreams and thinks harman is my son first and then your husband.


raavi tells that shanno’s child naam karan is occurring here. harman says he will have naam karan of his toddler. shanno says he is kinnar’s son and asks him to name him champa, chameli. harman says some thing can be the call, but his naam karan will take place along with your son’s naam karan. preeto thinks she will be able to make certain that his naam karan don’t manifest.


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