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Shakti 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Shakti 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Shakti 16th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode starts offevolved with a kinnar telling saya that chintu become telling other kinnars approximately soumya, but she stopped him. rani says she must be cautious. saya says until soumya is alive, she has to stroll through the thorns to store her identification. harman wakes up and says top morning gulabo. soumya says she couldn’t sleep all night time and asks what’s going to show up whilst absolutely everyone come to recognize about my truth. harman asks her no longer to think about others, and says you have me, and preeoto who’ve customary you entire heartedly. soumya says preeto advised her that she is lucky. harman says i used to be awara earlier than, however mend methods whilst you came in my life. soumya asks him to mortgaged her jewelry and assist viren.


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Harman refuses, however she convinces him. he asks her to take out the jewelry. soumya feels horrific as preeto slapped shanno and thinks to do some thing for her. viren tells shanno that conflict is on and asks her to behave to be happy else preeto will taunt her extra. viren asks her to have tea. shanno says you are not female to understand my feelings and asks him to drink tea. raavi comes and says i will remember that no solution may be taken out, however can get correct ideas and says that is stated by way of a woman. shanno asks what do you need to mention?
harak singh tells preeto that liver receives nonresponsive with wine and asks her to drink tea to eliminate hangover. preeto says she gets uninterested in attractive soumya and that’s why drink is needed. harak singh says we would lose raavi. preeto says don’t you understand her. the instant i will inform her reality, she will come strolling to me.


Raavi tells shanno that their enemy is one, soumya. she says maa is helpless in harman’s love, but we aren’t helpless. she says whilst soumya can fight for her identification although she is a kinnar, then why can’t we, we must combat for our identification and rights. she says chacha ji stated proper that we have to reveal proper location to that kinnar and grab our own area. nani desires surbhi for her interview. bebe also desires her. surbhi thanks them and are about to head. varun comes there and says he goes to amritsar. maninder says even you and asks him to take surbhi along side him as she goes there.


Varun is of the same opinion. surbhi refuses to go with him. nani asks surbhi to go together with varun. surbhi agrees and they depart. bebe asks maninder, if varun came right here suddenly or. maninder says he known as varun right here and says when they’re together, then best reflect onconsideration on marriage. bebe says you did right. soumya thinks approximately preeto’s words and sanchi telling soumya that she will get her operation completed to emerge as normal lady. soumya thinks to inform harman and seek his approval and calls him.


Harman says your age should have come to be 10000 instances long and says he become considering her. soumya tells him that she took chameli to savitri devi medical institution as she changed into having fever. harman asks why didn’t you inform me, you’ll have instructed me. soumya says i enquired there, if i may be a complete female. harman asks did you get take a look at achieved. he asks why that is wanted, and says you are entire for me and i really like this soumya and also you don’t need to alternate yourself for me or anybody else. he says he has everyday her as his spouse and dreamt to spend rest of life along with her. soumya receives emotional and says sanchi turned into telling why there may be a want to alternate while her husband loves you a lot. harman asks her to just accept her identity with proud and says a few people are incomplete even though they may be whole, but you’re whole completely.


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Preeto calls varun and asks where is he? varun says he’s watching for surbhi as she went to present interview. surbhi comes out. preeto thinks to take her interview once surbhi returns to her residence as varun’s spouse. surbhi buddy preeti see her and asks if varun is her husband. surbhi appears on tensed. surbhi says he’s my dewar. preeti introduces surbhi to her husband and tells her husband that surbhi got married to her sister’s husband and asks what’s your helplessness. varun receives angry and asks her to come domestic and communicate to bhabhi ji. preeti and her husband go away.


Precap: Some human beings kill a kinnar. harman holds her and thinks even my soumya is a kinnar as he imagines her.


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta


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