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Shakti 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Shakti 18th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Shakti 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with pandit ji taking away mahurat for the naam karan. preeto says naam karan will happen the next day. pandit ji asks them to do the preparations. a woman tailor comes. preeto asks her to take all people’s size and makes garments for all ladies. she says the following day is naam karan of our inheritor. shanno and viren smiles. harman calls soumya and asks tailor to stitch clothes for soumya also and tells that his son’s naam karan will also show up. viren gives child to shanno. raavi says what we can inform the visitor, whose infant he’s? harman says you all shall have idea before inquiring for baby and says he’ll get all rights as his sons. harak singh says what humans will say that kinnar piyo is coming. he says you’ve got long past mad 2 hundred percentage. harman says my child’s naam karan will happen with chache’s toddler naam karan. shanno says you can call him champa chameli and so forth, as he’s kinnar son. harman says something may be the name, however the naam karan will show up for both infants. he says the relation can be strong between the each infants.


Full Details of Shakti 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Harak singh sees soumya looking after baby and stares her. preeto thinks she will be able to understand what he is wondering. shanno thinks approximately preeto’s awful conduct and thinks you have to have insulted me. she gives child to harak singh. preeto is familiar with that shanno wants to taunt them. shanno thinks she will rule. varun comes and asks preeto to provide listing of factors to be introduced. harman asks him to shop for matters for 2 toddlers. varun seems at harman. preeto says anything can occur on this residence, my son have emerge as husband with out becoming a husband and father also. soumya takes harman insisde the room. preeto is going to her room.


Viren asks shanno now not to stamp her ft on the hammer. shanno asks him to take advantage of the situation and tells him exact night. soumya’s infant cries in night. soumya takes infant in her palms. harman says mild is long gone and lighting fixtures candle. soumya rotates the hand fan to make toddler feel right. he asks her to give hand fan to him. he rotates the fan and the candle is blown off. harman shows that they shall stay in the garden place until electricity comes again. infant sleeps feeling the outdoor. harman says i am a terrific husband and desirable father and asks what’s her opinion.


Soumya says you are an awesome father and husband. harman asks if she is having objection if he holds her palms. soumya takes back her hand. harman says i will name you gulabo even after he grown up and says i’m able to make him like you, sweet and harmless. soumya asks him to make her like him, and says he shall not hate all and sundry, even kinnars additionally. she tells that kinnars are damaged from inner. harman says you are involved for kinnars. soumya says if toddler hates me after growing up. harman says you are his mum, why he’ll hate you. power comes lower back. harman asks her to return inside, and sleep, and says the following day we have to do the arrangements. raavi asks balwinder to make her get ready. balwinder asks me? raavi talks romantically. balwinder has the same opinion. chintu comes, sees his father making his mum ready and is going.


Harman tells soumya that why our child’s naam karan can’t show up with chache’s infant naamkaran. soumya says no one is glad and asks why he is insisting. chintu comes and says love can’t show up like this. harman asks him to tell how love occurs. chintu says i’m able to tell and makes soumya sit down infront of mirror and asks harman to make his mami get geared up to growth the affection. harman says you’ve got an vital function to play in my love tale. chintu asks him to do make up. harman stops soumya from going and applies make up on her face.


Last Part of Shakti 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Preeto comes to the inhouse temple and recollects asking soumya to present her grand child. shanno asks preeto to maintain clothes infront of god and says then my son will put on that garments. viren says yes bhabhi. preeto keeps the garments infront of god. harman comes and asks preeto to hold his son’s garments infront of god and says these days iis your grand baby, my son’s naam karan. preeto is silent. harman holds her hand and makes her keep clothes infront of god. preeto is irritated. harman prays to god and thinks to persuade preeto.


Precap: Shanno says if soumya sits here then i’m able to now not take a seat. harman says our son’s naamkaran will take place these days. preeto taunts soumya for no longer making harman understand. harman asks why can’t she recognize being elder than them.


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