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Shakti 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Shakti 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Shakti 27th March 2017 Written Episode Updates. 

Chintu asks them to hug every different and apologize. raavi hugs soumya and says sorry. chintu claps. raavi thinks she is hugging a kinnar due to her son else would haven’t have executed this. preeto thinks raavi’s face is displaying that this bharat milap is pressured and thinks their distance is widened more. inspector asks whose telephone is this? chameli recalls getting mallika’s phone with kareena. she asks inspector to invite kareena from in which mallika’s smartphone got here. kareena tells that she is guru maa and tells that this telephone is of roma. roma comes and says it is my phone. kareena asks inspector to dial wide variety and test. inspector dials the number. kareena says in case you don’t trust then get it checked whose smartphone is that this. kareena tells that she is the use of roma’s phone as her cellphone isn’t always working. inspector scolds chameli for giving wrong information and is going. kareena thinks it is ideal that i noticed her with that telephone, else this chameli would have sent me to jail.

  • Nani coughs while having food. harman asks her to have water. surbhi comes and rubs hand on her lower back to make her experience alleviation. she thinks a way to make harman prevent there, and tells herself that she can’t lose. she tells herself that harman is her husband, he is married to her and she has proper on him. she thinks to make her region in his lifestyles and thinks to do some thing. she eyes tablet and thinks to add in nani’s meals so that her cough increases because of allergy with ground nut and harman stops at their location.

chanda asks kareena to throw chameli out. kareena says no longer now, and says she will throw her as soon as inspector receives bored with looking mallika. surbhi brings gulab jamun. harman says he’s getting overdue. surbhi asks nani to have syrup. she cleverly makes nani have compromised syrup.

Harman tells surbhi that he’s going to leave now. surbhi asks him to wait and goes to room. she waits for nani’s health to deteriorates. soumya is cleaning harman and surbhi’s room. preeto scolds her and calls her shameless to go into married couple’s room. soumya says surbhi went in a hurry and that’s why she notion to smooth the room. preeto accuses her for going with them on their honeymoon and asks her by no means to go into their room. soumya says why i might have got surbhi married if i don’t want them to return closer. preeto says you simplest know that and asks her by no means to return inbetween them. surbhi asks harman to watch for someday until she searches for soumya’s preferred saree which she changed into asking her to ship. harman asks her to present. surbhi thinks why remedy isn’t affecting nani. harman asks if she will p.c. the saree and why she is taking so much time. nani coughs. surbhi thinks now try to cross harman ji.

Nani coughs. surbhi doesn’t care approximately her fitness. she tells that soumya is aware of the way to manage nani’s cough. she calls her and asks what to do as nani’s cough is multiplied. soumya asks her to concentrate. surbhi asks her to talk to harman and give an explanation for to her. soumya tells a few remedy and tells that she will be able to are available a while. harman asks her to be there. soumya says nani may need me, permit me come there. preeto hears her. surbhi thinks you have got commonplace my phrases due to soumya and tells that in the future he will hear me simplest. she smirks.

Precap: surbhi asks soumya why she is coming inbetween them. soumya asks why you are saying this? surbhi says because i’m a whole lady concept incomplete without harman, and she or he is whole despite the fact that she is a kinnar. soumya is stunned to listen surbhi’s hatred for her and cries. she jumps within the river announcing she don’t need hatred and humiliated existence.



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