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Shakti 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Shakti 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update.Shakti 28th March 2017 Written Episode Updates. 

The episode starts with nani’s condition worsening. maninder asks her to take a deep breath. surbhi offers vintage prescription to harman and asks him to get new prescription from medical doctor. harman says k and goes. surbhi thinks if she has started out drama then she shall do perfectly. she thinks not anything has occurred to nani. beeji says she can carry warm water for her. nani asks surbhi to tell if she gave medicinal drug to her deliberately to forestall harman right here. surbhi is shocked and asks why i can do this? nani says i am hoping whatever i am questioning is inaccurate. she asks her by no means to go away soumya on my own and says she wishes your guide all lifestyles. surbhi nods hesitantly. nani thinks surbhi’s conduct is converting.

Raavi calls balwinder. balwinder asks her to pay attention. raavi asks her to stop speaking and just pay attention. preeto comes there. raavi is stunned. preeto takes the phone and throws on bed. she asks her to make her husband get mad approximately her. she says soumya have made harman mad despite the fact that she is a kinnar and says you can’t control your husband even though you’re a lady. she says he shall experience the want of having you. balwinder hears the whole lot. kishan lal comes and snatches telephone from his hand. he says you’ll no longer use telephone or will no longer move anywhere till you gets married. harman comes and brings the drug treatments. he asks surbhi to make nani have it. maninder says thank god harman changed into right here. soumya comes there and asks nani what she had? nani says she will be best now listening to her scolding. soumya takes medicine from surbhi and makes nani have it. surbhi makes an irritated face.

Soumya says i’m able to deliver kada for you. harman says you will be alright now as raam baan have come, soumya’s kada. beeji says we didn’t think of this, else she would have been alright via now. harman says magic is in soumya’s hands and now not in kada. varun says you stated right. soumya goes to make kada. surbhi is jealous and dissatisfied.

Viren sees preeto tensed and says i can ask her. shanno asks him no longer to fear about her and says her issues will now not decrease in case you fear. she takes him together with her. harak singh comes and says you have tried all matters. preeto says i’m able to set harman’s lifestyles in any case. she calls surbhi. surbhi pretends that she isn’t always listening to preeto and is going to attend her call out. preeto tells that she attempted to prevent soumya, but she made excuse and went. she asks approximately nani’s fitness. surbhi says she is first-rate. preeto asks her to make her own identification faraway from soumya and says i am your saas and that’s why making you recognize. surbhi says ok. soumya brings kada for nani. nani says i could be satisfactory now, and that harman said right that your hand is having magic. surbhi gives name to soumya and says preeto wants to talk to you.

  • Soumya takes the call questioning chintu desires to speak. surbhi also goes following soumya. harman asks nani to tell from whom soumya learnt to make kada or kheer. he says some thing she chefs, is scrumptious. nani coughs….harman asks him to relaxation. varun says i’m able to leave. soumya thinks telephone is disconnected.

Surbhi comes, snatches cellphone from soumya’s hand and throws on the floor. she takes her on terrace. soumya asks what passed off? surbhi asks why did you come back right here? soumya says i got here to look nani. surbhi says in case you came to look nani or to limit harman. she says you can’t see us together even for a second and says if you need to try this, then why did you get us married. she says i didn’t get mummy’s love because of you because formative years. a facebook is shown. soumya says nimmi gave her chocolate. facebook ends. surbhi says she didn’t get love in that house because of her. soumya asks what you are pronouncing? surbhi says i have risked my happiness and existence for you and said sure on your happiness, as i love you, however what you are doing with me. soumya says even i like you and loves you more than my life. surbhi says that’s why you left me to die in mumbai. soumya is bowled over.

Surbhi says you didn’t assume what is going to appear to me. she says you was with us for the duration of my honeymoon and didn’t allow us to get nearer even for a second. she says you are the whole lot to harman and says i am nowhere in his life even though i am his suhaagan. soumya asks what you’re pronouncing? surbhi suggests honeymoon photographs and says we have been looking exact and i used to be status in fashion. she asks her to peer all pix and throws on her face. she says i am looking true in all images. soumya says what you are saying? surbhi says how can i look right in any %, as i was no longer in any percent, you didn’t let me take any %.

Soumya asks her to inform what occurred? she asks why you are saying this, tell me. surbhi says how you may understand, as i’m incomplete despite the fact that i’m a complete female, however you’re complete despite the fact that you’re kinnar. soumya is shocked. surbhi says you desires to grow to be wonderful and is going. shakti song plays………..soumya is status in shock and recollects what surbhi stated.


Precap: soumya cries and tells that she don’t want humiliated lifestyles and hatred. she jumps within the river to devote suicide.



Updates Credit To: Aditiya


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