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Shakti 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Shakti 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update.Shakti 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates. 

The episode starts with soumya shattered with surbhi’s accusations who called her kinnar. soumya thinks what choti is questioning and thinks if due to me, she is sad? she cries and thinks with whom to talk, calls nimmi…..she reminisces her mum’s love and asks why did you leave me alone. you will have taken me with you, i am very a great deal on my own…she cries aloud calling nimmi. she thinks i’ve grow to be problem for all of us, i need to move a long way from every body, to my mum’s region. she cries from her coronary heart.

Harman is restless and gets up from sleep. he thinks why his coronary heart is thrashing rapid and why he isn’t getting sleep. he is going out of room and thinks to take a seat in gulabo’s room and wake her up. he is going to soumya’s room and sees she isn’t always there. he wonders where did she go? he thinks papa ji closed the gate at night time, then why it is opened. he receives worried for soumya and goes out. soumya is standing on the bridge above the river and asks mata rani what she is her astitva/identity. she says i was purpose for dadi’s disgrace and black spot of papa’s recognize. a facebook of the equal is proven. soumya says my truth become my mum’s head burden and she left this global even as hiding it. she says i were given married to harman ji, however couldn’t satisfy the relation and may’t deliver him wife’s love. she recalls informing him that she is a kinnar. she tells that she couldn’t deliver inheritor to her family, and changed into burden and black spot for her circle of relatives. now she have become enemy of her choti, and cries. sad song plays….
soumya recollects surbhi telling that she is incomplete despite the fact that she is a complete girl and telling that she is a kinnar but entire. she thinks i don’t need to hurt my choti. she says i don’t want hatredness and humiliation. i don’t need this humiliated lifestyles and asks nimmi why did you depart me. she asks her to tie her to her anchal and says i’m able to never pass far from your anchal, name me on your region. she looks inside the sky calling nimmi. she thinks approximately surbhi’s words that harman thinks about her best and that she isn’t any where in his existence. soumya asks nimmi if she is irritated with her, and says your soumu will come to you and tie your anchal with hers. she thinks approximately harman and thinks he loves me so much, and helped me in every way and that i……

A few guys are sitting there and ingesting wine. they see soumya and placed torch on her from far. they see her. soumya jumps in river. they suppose she is maninder’s daughter and pass to inform him. they call him. maninder asks why did they wake him up at night. neighbor says your elder daughter….harman asks what took place to her. neighbor tells that she has jumped inside the river. harman is stunned and run out. he comes close to river and calls soumya. friends tells that they have got searched anywhere, but couldn’t discover her. harman jumps inside the river. maninder and surbhi are bowled over and make contact with his name. neighbor says even his voice isn’t always coming, if both of them drowned. maninder asks them no longer to tell something. surbhi remembers hurting soumya and thinks what did i do, i don’t need to lose di.

Surbhi says she can leap inside the river. maninder asks her to move again. nani asks her not to leap. surbhi says there’s something there and lighting fixtures the grass with suit stick. they see harman taking soumya out of water.


Precap: harman brings soumya home and towels her head. he massages her toes. maninder asks why didn’t she die, and asks why did she come here to die and issues approximately his recognize. harman holds his collar angrily.



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