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Shakti 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Shakti 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update. Shakti 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode starts with soumya recalling preeto’s phrases. harman says why absolutely everyone is jealous of you. soumya tells him that preeto did this in helplessness and says instances modifications the individual and says mummy ji is not awful. harman asks why you are so properly, and why can’t you spot her bad facet. he takes her. maninder tells bebe that a person’s terrible eyes are on surbhi. bebe says even i experience the same. surbhi comes and asks why do you watched that i’m no longer happy and says she may be very glad along with her lifestyles. maninder asks a way to receive this? surbhi asks him to accept it as her future and says whatever time will convey might be suitable. maninder says you’re my daughter and i’m able to fear for you, something i do is to your betterment. surbhi asks him now not to worry approximately her and says if you had worry about soumya then this wouldn’t have came about. she asks him to let the things occur.


Raavi refuses to abort her child. preeto says you need to abort the infant anyhow. raavi says i will see how you will force me. harka singh asks why she is forcing her. preeto says she is doing this for her betterment. harman, soumya and surbhi come lower back to harak singh’s house. preeto asks soumya if everything is first-rate and says i notion….harman says you notion she died. he says till i am alive, nobody can harm her. he holds her hands and take her interior. preeto asks shanno to make tea and turns to surbhi. she asks if you may spend time with harman. surbhi says sure, and says anything become complicated, become solved and she is aware of what to do. preeto thinks it seems surbhi has received harman.


Surbhi comes to harman and says she needs to talk to him. harman refuses to speak to her. surbhi asks him to listen to her and think her as his saali. harman asks her to mention. surbhi asks how a great deal he loves gulabo. harman says i don’t need to prove. surbhi says you don’t need to show and need to do things truly. she tells some thing. harman says that is impossible. surbhi says this is the simplest way to make the whole lot fine. harman seems on. surbhi apologizes to him and says i came right here to unite you both, however got here in among you both. she says i forgot which you both are made for every different. harman asks what approximately you….surbhi. surbhi asks him no longer to fear and tells that she will take care of herself. harman asks who will persuade soumya. surbhi says she will be able to convince her and asks him to promise her that he will never leave soumya. harman says he has promised god whilst he first saw soumya. surbhi thank you him.


  • Surbhi comes to soumya and hugs her. she tells that she loves her very plenty and apologizes for her selfishness. soumya asks her now not to mention this. surbhi thinks of her phrases and says you are incomplete, however you satisfy all relations absolutely, and i couldn’t fulfill any family members. soumya asks her not to think whatever. surbhi says there’s nothing more for me than your safety and asks her to sleep. she goes. soumya sets her blanket. surbhi thinks soumya will be hurt for few days, but whatever she is doing is for her betterment.


Soumya tells preeto that surbhi isn’t always within the residence. preeto asks in which did she cross? viren comes and he couldn’t find her. soumya asks harman if he instructed some thing to surbhi. harman says he is similarly tensed. preeto scolds soumya and asks her to inform wherein is surbhi? harman says soumya is involved, she could have informed you if she is aware of approximately her. harman receives maninder’s call asking him approximately surbhi. harman says i’m able to name you once surbhi is observed.


Soumya tries calling surbhi, but her smartphone is switched off. soumya prays to mata rani for surbhi’s properly being. she thinks about surbhi’s words that there’s not anything essential to her than her protection. she receives surbhi’s call. she asks in which are you and says anybody is concerned. surbhi asks her to go to her room and study the letter kept in the cupboard. soumya is involved and asks in which did you pass? surbhi asks her to examine letter first and says she can call in sometime, asks her not to tell everybody. soumya says ok. she is going to surbhi and harman’s room. harman appears on. soumya receives a letter and reads it. harman also is going to his room. soumya reads “surbhi tells her that her fear is proper and she goes a ways from her, and asks her to do as she says, and says she is blackmailing her however that is right”. soumya thinks what did you do choti?


Precap: harman and soumya bring a infant home. preeto asks what’s this? harman says your son and his entire own family. preeto tells him that soumya can be a kinnar and might be kinnar only and she will never accept her.


Update Credit To: Dolly


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