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Shani 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Shani 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Shani 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Shani 10th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode starts offevolved with devi sangya waiting inside the indra sabha alone and thinking about the counter power of shani dev. she additionally mumbles that a whole day has ended but, wherein are rahu & indra dev. just then, rahu arrives in and says he has not determined any kind of counter electricity for shani dev in patala loka. devi sangya prays that atleast indra dev should deliver some exact news. he additionally arrives and says i might not have precise news however i have a information. she enquires approximately it. indra dev says that there’s no counter strength for shani dev in indra loka but at surya loka, a totally massive festival goes to be prepared via surya dev on shani dev’s birthday for shani dev and mata chhaya.


Full Details of Shani 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Devi sangya receives indignant and frowns at indra dev but modifications her expression into pleasure. so, i’ve located a tremendous day to present a brilliant present to shani but i need to find it at once. indra dev provides that, i assume we ought to separate and work from now. because if someone unearths three folks collectively here then, they may precisely discover that we are planning against shani. rahu is prepared to go away to patala loka. however devi sangya says i’ve a super spot in which nobody will doubt my presence and we can effortlessly execute our plan. (dev vishwakarma’s palace).
At surya loka, surya dev involves yam & yami’s room and reveals them each resting inside the laps of mata chhaya and they’re about to sleep. he informs her approximately the arrangements of the utsav. mata chhaya is very a whole lot extremely joyful to realize it.


At dev vishwakarma’s lab, he closes the name of the game passage to the counter power he is shielding in his lab. he says that i need to save shani for two extra days and after that everything could be first-class. devi sangya simply enters and asks “father, from whom do you want to save shani ?”. dev vishwakarma is shocked. he did now not solution her question however asks her the motive of her arrival. she says i have renounced surya loka. then where can i stay? that’s why i got here here. please permit me to stay right here for few days and after the entirety sets out excellent, then i can leave on my own. dev vishwakarma isn’t interested to allow her live however thinks that if he disagrees then he have to answer her why he’s disagreeing. it’s far some thing which devi sangya have to in no way recognise. devi sangya additionally adds that even in case you aren’t believing me, then suppose that when shani’s vakradrishti is over then that man or woman will start a brand new existence. then for me additionally its a brand new lifestyles and that i need to begin from a great place. shani dev enters and says of direction it’s far a brand new lifestyles but it is going to be desirable simplest in case your karmas and thinking changes else it’s far genuinely no longer. dev vishwakarma allows her to stay.


He asks the purpose at the back of shani dev’s arrival. he says i got here here to ask you to the pageant day after today. dev vishwakarma says i was definitely coming there. shani dev might have invited devi sangya too however she all of sudden turns her face. so he didn’t. dev vishwakarma asks devi sangya to take care and i can go back soon. both shani dev and dev vishwakarma wherein about to move. but shani dev feels a few mysterious strength under his feet which shocks him. devi sangya notices it keenly. dev vishwakarma asks what is the issue ? shani dev says “not anything, but i felt some thing horrific”. dev vishwakarma pacifies him and they depart.


At surya sabha, yam and yami blindfold mata chhaya and bring her inside the sabha. surya dev and kaakol are looking after the utsav preparation. mata chhaya is extremely joyful to look the preparations. surya dev says its for my wife and my son. yam is a chunk irritated. surya dev additionally famous a brand new glowing golden sinhaasan in particular designed for shani dev. it will be a privilege for my son. mata chhaya’s happiness had no bounds. simply then shani dev arrives in at the side of dev vishwakarma and says that privilege and recognize does no longer comes from a sinhaasan but only from one’s karmas. surya dev slightly frowns at shani dev. he asks shani dev then what else he wants ? he asks for a 12 12 months vintage tree which he will take care from that second.


Surya dev accepts his request as it’s far shani dev’s birthday. however mata chhaya says that you need to accept this additionally because it’s miles a present from surya dev. shani dev smiles. surya dev provides that as a father in addition to the swami of surya loka, i’m clearly proud to have shani as my son. yam is absolutely indignant. mata chhaya says that you are speakme from the point of view of a father however as a mother and a spouse, my happiness isn’t always having any bounds. shani dev smiles.
at dev vishwakarma’s palace, devi sangya is in her room. she is best thinking about the counter electricity. she then thinks over and over approximately shani dev panic for a minute at dev vishwakarma’s lab. she then receives a clue that her requirement is in his lab. she without delay goes there.


At surya loka, dev vishwakarma and shani dev stroll along the corridor. shani dev asks him about the purpose why he left immediately after understanding that i am turning 12. and why i were given shocked for a moment in his lab. i have been to the lab for many years but now i felt something towards me inside. dev vishwakarma certainly hugs him. i’ve also understood, one component nanashri. i’ve discovered my dand to your place best. it immediately came into my fingers when it was time ie, i was capable of feel it best whilst it was time. so if something else is there for me to realize and can be the time for me to recognise is close. dev vishwakarma is greatly surprised.


Last Part of Shani 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update


At his lab, devi sangya tries to climb the steps but is thrown away through a few electricity. she sees a few magical wall. she confirms that the counter energy she is looking is inside the safety of dev vishwakarma. she also says that “pithashri, you’ve got felt that chhaya’s son is more important for you than this daughter sangya right… i will train a lesson”. she makes use of her energy to interrupt that wall and succeeds in that. she rushes to the top of the lab and searches everywhere. even inner every pot. she screams. however then reveals that a mystery passage has opened. devi sangya smiles in her evil way. The episode ends with devi sangya with a reason to ruin shani dev.


Precap: Devi sangya orders the counter power to destroy shani dev and it is her revenge on him. the counter power’s electricity makes shani dev thrown away and gets hurted. every person screams shani. but he’s shown as breathing his final breath.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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