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Shani 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Shani 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Shani 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Shani 12th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Shani says there may be some thing that’s hidden from me. i experience as if. dev vishwakarma requests him no longer to invite the questions to which he has no answer. shani replies that he dint ask him any query. years ago, i instructed my mother and now i inform you, i wont ask questions which you can not solution. i accept as true with you and your judgment of right and wrong. there will surely be a huge motive behind you hiding some thing from me but if it liberates you in any manner then i am here handiest. dev vishwakarma recollects mahadev’s caution. shani points out that being quiet does no longer suggest yes continually. your silence tells me you don’t need to percentage it proper now. he excuses himself.


Full Details of Shani 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Sanghya is in her father’s laboratory searching out the counter energy of shani. she stumbles upon a secret passage and heads down the alley. she notices some thing sparkling in a corner. so this is the counter energy!
chhaya opens her eyes tensed. diya blew off! is this a horrific omen? shani factors out that destiny is destiny be it exact or awful. there may be a purpose in the back of the whole lot that happens. fears don’t trade something. our good karmas can change the time for precise and fill light in darkness. this time he lights the diya. chhaya smiles. i understood karamfaldata. i recognize you are very patient and clever however i have a mom’s heart. a mom continually worries for her kid. he asks her who she is scared of and why until the time he’s together with her.


Chhaya covers her eyes as she inches closer to the electricity. she falls down screaming as she reaches too close. alternatively, shani is about to feed his mom whilst he all at once unearths it tough to breathe. chhaya panics. she prays for his nicely being. are you alright son? she feeds him water. he tells her now not to worry. i am quality.

sanghya gets up and laughs. my father stored you here as his captive! don’t fear. i’m able to get you out of right here. she laughs evilly.


Shani is again having a hard time breathing. he calls it exertion however she doesn’t buy it. i felt some thing like this turned into going to take place anyhow. you have to see dev vishwakarma. he assures her he’s great. how can i not be till the time you are with me? don’t speak about auspicious or inauspicious. she is involved but he assures her he’s quality. permit’s eat.


Devraj confirms with sanghya if she is positive approximately it. she replies that she wouldn’t were right here if she wasn’t certain. i need some answers before that. devguru asks her what questions she has. don’t know why however i locate this accumulating bit bizarre and out of location. sanghya greets him. you aren’t at fault if you feel that ways. it’s due to my horrific karmas however i need to trade my course now. i notion to are seeking steering from the pleasant guru. did i do something incorrect? he smiles. come to the point. move in advance and ask some thing you wish to. she lies that she did recognise how incorrect her route turned into after you have punishment from shani. i must have blanketed him like a defend being his mom however i attacked him simplest! i want to end up his defend in repentance so no one can damage him in future. is there someone who can take him down? devguru says global is made on balance. if shani is a wonderful strength then an equally negative power like him is likewise sure to exist. she asks him if that negative electricity can attack shani. a way to manage it? devguru shares that it may be tamed for 12 years from the time it is born. if shani declares to set it loose then anyone can control it. it wont occur although as shani wont do such silly issue. she hides her smile. you are right. thank you for guiding me. i discovered my manner. devguru says this is my duty. i am hoping i’m able to see you returned in surya loka yet again. she nods. i’m able to attempt to live up in your expectations. he goes.


Devraj asks sanghya what she will do next. she advises to unfastened that bad electricity from her father’s clutches however i don’t understand the way to do so. devraj comes to a decision to apply his vajra to benefit maintain on that energy.


Chhaya wishes shani happy birthday. past memories flash before her eyes and a tear rolls down her cheeks. he asks her what happened. she says not anything. i don’t understand why i’m recalling all of the moments that we have spent collectively. he expresses a want to spend each moment of his present together. i want to weave my destiny with you. she hopes any trouble that is about to return his manner need to first meet the defend named chhaya. he holds her hand. no longer anymore. a mom’s love can defend a kid until a selected time most effective. youngster himself is liable for something occurs next. you have got completed loads for me. now it’s my flip. he seeks her advantages. she blesses him.


Sanghya brings rahu and devraj to her father’s laboratory however does now not find that energy there. how can it be? father shifted base!

dev vishwakarma protects the power. you are safe for a few extra time atleast.

rahu mocks sanghya. your father fooled you real nice! devraj tells him to suppose what their next circulate must be. sanghya says i think i recognise where father could have taken it. reflect onconsideration on it. where could you have hidden it in case you had been my father? you would have hidden it in the palace which i left in the back of. i might glaringly assume regularly earlier than thinking of going there. devraj guesses it proper – surya loka!

absolutely everyone cheers for shani as he enters in sabha.


Last Part of Shani 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Sanghya says we will ought to gain control over that counter power if we need to discover a solution for shani. we must go to surya loka!


Precap: Shani was created to offer karamfal to all of us however a bad energy was also created. sanghya attacks shani using his counter electricity. shani falls down at the ground subconscious.


Update Credit To: Dolly


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