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Shani 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Shani 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Shani 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Shani 16th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Narayan remarks that arrogance is a person’s biggest enemy. Mahadev adds that the same arrogance can become one’s weakest target point of the enemy. Brahma Dev’s fifth head indicates his arrogance. Its awakening will affect his thought process. Narayan seconds him. It kills patience and destroys them. What will we do if that happens? Mahadev replies that then they will have to do what they don’t wish to but it is important sometimes.


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Sanghya apologizes to Brahma Dev. I have realised you are no less than Mahadev but the world may not accept

it as no one gives importance to someone who stays calm. This is truth. Take Shani for example. Could he be created against your wish? No right? He thinks highly of Mahadev only! Brahma Dev recalls Shani’s words. You are right. Shani respects Mahadev more than me. Sanghya suggests him to explain to Shani why it is important to respect Brahma Dev. Brahma Dev agrees with her. Shani must bend down before me.

Shani says I hope Devi Sanghya wont take the wrong path this time and has learnt something from her past mistakes. Suddenly weather changes. Brahma Dev appears there. He calls out to Shani who agrees to come right away. He greets Shivlinga and then goes to Brahma Dev. Brahma Dev stops him from greeting him. You invoked my anger. You are paying gratitude to Shivlinga first rather than greeting the one who is right before you! You respect your mother so much but you don’t respect the one who created the world! Shani says I don’t respect my mother because she gave birth to me. I respect her because she is compassionate and courteous. Chhaya tells him to be quiet. He is Brahma Dev. Shani nods. I am neither mocking nor insulting him. I am only telling him the truth. I would request you to understand that you don’t gain respect by forcing anyone. You also don’t gain it by becoming arrogant. You have to earn it by being calm and patient.

Devraj is impressed with Sanghya. You make the impossible possible. Sanghya asks him about his progress. What are you both up to? Devraj points at Rahu. See the example yourself. A man lost to a woman! She looks at Rahu. Now I will have to add poison in Neelima’s conscience to make her stand against Shani. She should get the energy from Tridev’s indifference. Devraj asks her how that would be possible. She shares that she has already sown the seed. Brahma Dev wont be at peace till he places himself above Mahadev now. This dissatisfaction will create differences between Tridev. Shani only will help us in this.

Chhaya asks Brahma Dev to tell her how they can show respect to him. Brahma Dev tells her to tell her son to bend down before him. Tell him to prove it that I am above Mahadev. Shani points out that it isn’t him talking. Brahma Dev tells Chhaya he isn’t interested in her son’s lectures. Will your son bend down before me or not? Shani steps forward and kneels down before him. Brahma Dev finds it insufficient. You will have to announce that I am much greater and powerful than your Aradhya. That I am Paramdev; that my position is greater than Mahadev!

Narayan says it is sad to see the creator falling prey to arrogance. Will you intervene this time Mahadev? Mahadev says I don’t do anything ever. It is Shani’s turn this time. He is both Karamfaldata and Dandnayak. He is the one who will bring Brahma Dev on the right path. He will finish his arrogance itself if he still wont come on the right path. Both these responsibilities are his.

Neelima is venting out her anger. Sanghya advises her not to waster her anger. It is very powerful. Use it against your enemies. Neelima looks at her. Why should I listen to the one whose Chhaya has finished her identity? Sanghya’s hand begins to turn blue. I dint feel bad about what you said. I can understand your pain. I too would have felt the same way if I was in your place. I know how it feels to be alone. We are in similar situations. Just allow me to speak once. Neelima warns her not to lie to her ever or she wont spare her. Sanghya promises never to lie to her. I will never hide anything from you. Neelima withdraws her powers from Sanghya. Go ahead. Sanghya says our enemy is same. It is just one person because of whom we had to be alone – Shani!

Brahma dev asks Shani if he will accept it or not. Shani folds his hands. I, Chhaya-putra Shani, greet the all powerful, omnipresent, omnipotent Brahma Dev. He is one of the chieftains of Tridev’s who created the world. Life in the world wouldn’t have been possible without you. I also pray / greet to Narayan who runs the world along with Brahma Dev. He has taught me that world’s existence is not important to do your karma. I finally pray / greet my Guru whose one gesture can finish the world. I greet my Guru, my mentor, my teacher and my saviour, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev. Brahma Dev gets angry. I gave you a chance to rectify things but you mocked me. You have challenged my powers and capability. I wont bear or forgive it!


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Sanghya says I want to tell you how so many problems surfaced in our life because of Chhaya and Shani. It all started when I couldn’t bear Surya Dev’s warmth. Father told me a solution. It wasn’t easy for me to go as my kids were young. I created Chhaya so they wont miss their mother. I had clearly warned her before leaving (about not taking over her rights in her absence). When I returned from my tapasya, Chhaya had broken her limits. She had given birth to Surya Dev’s son Shani. He cast an eclipse on his father the moment he was born. Now he has cast an eclipse on my life. Surya Dev snatched my position from me because of Shani only! He even punished me! Is it a crime to get your husband’s love or to fight for your right? Shani is a hypocrite. He has been unjust with me. You know your story too. You had to be kept captive for 12 years because of Shani only. He is also responsible for what I have gone through. We can still take our revenge though. I can guide you if you want to take revenge from Shani. Do you want justice? Neelima says not justice but revenge is what I want! I want to finish Shani!


Precap: Brahma Dev insists that he is Brahma Dev, the creator of the world. I will see who is strong enough to hurt me! Mahadev aims his trident at him to kill his arrogance. Brahma Dev shouts in pain.


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