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Shani 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Shani 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Shani 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update. Shani 20th July 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Shani says it seems as if you have gotten used to renounce your kids when they take birth. First you renounced me and now Ashwani Kumars? Sanghya hurries up to him. Enough! Surya Dev is unwell and incapable to answer your questions but it doesn’t mean you will cross your limits. Shani says you too know it well that truth is hidden for as long as it is hidden but once it is out it is out. All your efforts to hide it are in vain now. Honestly answer me if you did give birth to Ashwani Kumars or not. She refuses. I am Surya-patni. I don’t need to hide anything. If they were my kids then they would have been here with me.


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If you still think I am lying then bring proof to prove me a liar! Shani notices the change in wind and smiles. This change in wind is an indication that Pavan-putra Hanuman is going to be present here with proofs against your misdeeds. She panics. Shani walks out.

Everyone is gathered outside. Hanuman brings there part of land on which Maharishi’s Ashram is. It becomes dark for a moment as Hanuman flies in front of the sun. Ashwani Kumars hide behind a tree. Shani nods at Hanuman appreciatively. Maharishi is in semi-conscious state. Hanuman tells him to open his eyes. Thank your stars as you are still alive. Maharishi tells him he broke his limits. Now you will turn in a horse. Shani reminds Maharishi of what he told him earlier. Your future will come right in front of you even if you try to stop it from happening. Now Ashwani Kumars are where they belong. Now neither your line nor your vow is necessary. He uses his power to eliminate the line altogether. He walks up to Ashwani Kumars. It is turn to step out of your fear. Stay where you deserve to be – Surya Loka. They thank him for his effort. Will we be accepted though? Shani promises them that they will get their prarabdh. He turns to Devi Sanghya. You asked for proof which is here now. Ashwani Kumars step out before everyone shocking all of them.

Shani says a few moments ago I sadi that this family is incomplete. This family is complete now that Surya Dev and Devi Sanghya’s kids (Ashwani Kumars) have joined us. Chhaya stops him from saying anything further. There are some rules to be followed in Surya Loka. There is no point discussing things here. She turns to Surya Dev. These kids have come to Surya Loka for the first time. Shall we take them inside? Surya Dev nods. Chhaya takes them inside with her. Sanghya glares at Shani who shares that he has promised Ashwani Kumars that they will be accepted in Surya Loka. Hope you remember I always fulfil my promise. He leaves. Sanghya looks upset.

In Sabha, Shani presents the requested proof (Ashwani Kumars) before everyone. You both renounced them the moment when they were born. Do you accept this proof or will you just turn your eyes away from it as well? Surya Dev refuses to acknowledge them. Sanghya asks Shani if he heard him. Apologize to Surya Dev for disrespecting him and for asking the wrong question. Shani agrees. I must apologise. Why would Surya Dev do something which will make him look down? He accepted me as his son too. Surya Dev would have protected them if they were his kids! I was renounced as I cast an eclipse on Surya Dev but they are not at fault. Why have they been left alone? Surely I made a mistake as Karamfaldata. He advises Ashwani Kumars to leave. I should have understood you are not Surya Dev’s kids. Qualities of kids resemble their parents. You seem to be the kids of some horse! Surya Dev is blessed with light, warmth and so many qualities. His one son is Dharmaraj and other one is Karamfaldata. He tells Hanuman to drop Ashwani Kumars back in the Ashram. Don’t know whose bad blood is in their veins. Surya Dev warns him to be careful. They are my kids. Ashwani Kumars smile in relief while Sanghya gets tensed.

Shani confirms from Surya Dev if he heard correctly. Surya Dev accepts that they are his and Sanghya’s kids. They have my blood in their veins. Sanghya advises him to rest. You seem unwell. Surya Dev points out that truth is in front of everyone. I wont hide it anymore. It is time to accept it. She tries to object but he stays put. My body is unwell but not my conscience. Shani asks him why he dint bring them along when his conscience is still alive. Surya Dev replies that I thought the karmas of Mrityu Loka should be left there only. They were born there so I thought it would be better to raise them there only. Right then, Devraj angrily calls out to Hanuman. Everyone looks at him surprise.

Devraj asks Hanuman what nuisance he is creating. I heard you brought a piece of land and Maharishi from Mrityu Loka. What is happening? Having some power does not mean that you will misuse it. Shani supports Hanuman. He dint misuse his power. He did that upon my asking. Devraj questions Surya Dev. Shani tells him that Surya Dev is welcoming his sons’ (Ashwani Kumars) home. You too should meet Ashwani Kumars. Devraj says I seem I came on the right time. Shani nods. Justice is incomplete. You should accept it. Surya Dev has accepted his sons. You too should accept them as Gods. When will we start the process? Devraj thinks Shani may cast his Drishti anytime on him if he disagrees. If I agree then Devi Sanghya will not spare me. He leaves the decision on Surya Dev. His instructions will be followed. Shani asks Surya Dev next.


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Surya Dev walks up to his throne. I accept that my emotions gained control over justice and I am bearing the brunt of it but I still feel whatever I did was done to do my Pati-dharma. I did all that to free Devi Sanghya from her curse. Shani asks him if that was the only reason that he renounced them. Surya Dev points out that they look different than us. How could I accept them before the world? Shani isn’t amused. Years ago, you renounced me for the very same reason. I am surprised thinking that even after 12 years you still think so low!


Precap: Hanuman gets excited. Now my training will also start right? Surya Dev tells him of another problem. I am on my chariot in day time and I rest in the evening. I cannot find time to teach you. Devraj decides to use Shani to make Surya Dev agrees to train Hanuman.


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