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Shani 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Shani 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Shani 24th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Shani 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Shukracharya tells shani so many asuras died today. is that this the fruit if their karmas? what is going to you do now? shani is ready to reply when yam intervenes. it isn’t shani’s turn however my turn to do some thing now. they both take a look at yam as he enters interior pataal loka. shani is surprised to see him there. yam says nobody else’s responsibility can turn out to be yours. you are forgetting which you provide the fruits of labours to anybody however after death best i have a right on all of us’s souls. i am dharmaraj, yam! thanks to my aradhya narayan for giving me such big undertaking of these kinds of souls all at once. i, dharmaraj yam, will truely fulfil this wish. shani stops him. you can not try this till i am here.


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Yam says you fail to recognize a small aspect that this is my responsibility to take care of the souls of these asuras now. shani reasons that the lives of those asuras, their souls should be returned to stability energy. yam laughs. looks like sagar manthan has shaken your thoughts too. you don’t take into account that i am yamraj. i extract souls from bodies and now not supply lifestyles to them once more. he turns to shukracharya. don’t think that mahadev will assist you on this as even he does now not intervene in the rules made with the aid of narayan. shukracharya comes to a decision to do tapasya so mahadev blesses the asuras their lives back. no difficulty have to are available this. yam says you expect me no longer to create a predicament when you your self are creating a hassle in my course? you can do something you need but i will do my obligation. i will take the souls of those asuras. no one can prevent me! shani tells shukracharya to start tapasya. i promise you i’m able to stop yam. yam and shani stare at every other.
Surya dev and devguru look after the preps. devguru tells surya dev this puja will without a doubt make mahadev satisfied. surya dev says he ought to be as that is the largest puja of surya loka as today i am going to simply accept shani as my son and chhaya as my wife. he turns and notices devi sanghya standing there. he walks as much as her, inquiring for her to be a part of this puja as chhaya is her shadow simplest. she says this is my query. she became my shadow. how are you going to accept her as your wife? he motives that if she can end up the mom of her youngsters and raise them then why can she no longer turn out to be my wife. devi sanghya repeats what she had instructed chhaya. she turned into supposed to be my shadow simplest. shadow of a tree can not give culmination but she paid no heed to my words! surya dev factors out that that fruit handiest has accelerated his admire. it is shani best. you are a devi. it does no longer fit you to be sad over such matters. forget about the entirety and flow on. this is wat makes us a god. she insists that a lady cannot proportion her husband. chhaya dared to invite for my husband from me. he again tells her to just accept what’s there. shani is making us proud. that is my order. devi sanghya says you’re my husband. your want might be fulfilled. this puja will happen as your wife and not as shani’s mother. i can look ahead to the time you’ll take delivery of and regret accepting shani as your son!


Yam reminds shani he too is immortal and robust like him. shani says this isn’t time for struggle. yam says i was waiting for this time. we are able to combat however most effective when I take the souls of those asuras. shani casts a line for him using his weapon. don’t pass this line or i will have to fight with him. yam isn’t afflicted. i can do what my obligation tells me to. shukracharya looks on.


Surya dev does mahadev’s aarti. devi sanghya joins him unhappily. surya dev wonders why shani is taking a lot time in bringing shukracharya here. yami points out that yami is also not here. kakol offers to search for shani. devguru advises him to hurry up. it’s miles essential for him to be right here earlier than the puja ends. surya dev assures devguru shani will be lower back on time. begin the puja. devguru starts offevolved the puja.


On the other hand, shukracharya too begins his tapasya. yam is set to pass the line marked by means of shani while shani attacks him. each brothers have interaction in a combat. yam warns shani to let him do his obligation. shani and yam are rooted on their selections. shani finally ends up hitting yam too tough thereby making him fall. yam is hanging by the cliff. shani asks for his hand but yam refuses to take his assist. he manages to come up on his personal. their fight continues. kakol reaches there simply then and sees them for that reason. he asks them to stop. surya dev is expecting shani as the mahurat for mom’s yagya is set to skip. yam tells shani to leave. i’m able to do my obligation here. the yagya is in any case for shani’s mom. he can go away. shani is in a repair. yam enjoys seeing him as a consequence. are you in a catch 22 situation karamfaldata? yam starts to walk beyond him when shani throws him at the ground all of a sudden. kakol runs away to inform the family whereas yam and shani maintain preventing.


Devguru asks for shani once more. kakol informs them approximately the combat between yam and shani in pataal loka. yam is taking the souls of useless asuras while shani is preventing them. devguru is boggled. kakol shares that indra dev has killed all asuras. shani does no longer need yam to take souls of they all. devguru fills surya dev’s ears towards shani over again. i instructed you you will remorse your decision very soon. you are doing yagya for his mother however he’s thirsty of your son’s blood! surya dev looks considerate. sanghya asks him to defeat shani and produce yam returned. kakol explains that shani isn’t always at fault. they fought as soon as in beyond too. chhaya ma stepped within the manner to store each the sons. you’re suggesting surya dev today to kill one among your sons? surya dev remembers it too. kakol says i notion mata chhaya will start to reveal her effect in you with time but i feel without a doubt terrible for shani. he has a totally terrible fate. he is karamfaldata however don’t understand why he goes via all this. sanghya shouts at him to be quiet.


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What do you need to prove with the aid of taking his side? surya dev first comes to a decision to discover indra dev’s reason in the back of killing all asuras. if shani has determined to prevent yam then the purpose have to be vital. sanghya attempts to talk him out of it however in vain. surya dev motives that shani is his son. i trust him. devguru have to preserve the puja. i might be again soon.


Precap: Shani says proper now i wont let anybody both interfere in shukracharya’s tapasya nor will i permit yam take the souls of a majority of these asuras. surya dev tells him he goes to simply accept him as his son. there can not be whatever bigger than this proper now. your moves could make our relation bitter for for all time.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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