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Shani 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Shani 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Shani 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Shani 30th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


Shani says the next day there may be a sabha in surya loka in which i will get yami justice before everyone. he asks surya dev to be gift as nicely. it is going to be required. surya dev does not want something like that to manifest. quit this rely right here handiest. he walks away.

Rahu practises his thanks speech for the next day (whilst he may be supposedly made a god). shukracharya asks him who he is talking to in personal. rahu replies that he’s training a thank you speech. i’m very content material due to shani. all of us will examine me with appreciate from day after today. from the following day onwards, i wont live in pataal but in amravati. i’m able to have my very own loka. i will get everything that i want. humans will name me rahu dev. it sounds so well. shukracharya calls him silly. you are napping with your eyes extensive open. rahu warns him to be careful. you are speakme to a could be god. shukracharya denies. i’m talking to a silly individual. you spent your lifestyles as an asura. i saved fighting with them for our rights. why are you not happy being an asura? rahu tells him he wont understand. i want to be whole. shukracharya shows him to emerge as a entire asura but rahu stays positioned. asura’s stay in the back of. i don’t need to be left at the back of. shani has promised to make me what i deserve to be. shani will make me a god. you may see the next day.
Devi sanghya tells her husband not to be disappointed. i am sure the whole lot could be excellent. he requests to be left alone. she says i’m your spouse. i’ve promised to be with you in proper and awful times. i did tapasya for such a lot of years to be with you. how can i leave you on my own in this example then? take relaxation. you have to cross in sabha the next day. surya dev is not willing to go in sabha. i have failed before every god. i have looked down before them. i can not face them. sanghya says it isn’t about you but the eyes of humans so that you can factor at yami the next day. you will have to move. surya dev wonders what the next day will deliver for him.

Yami remains teary eyed. shani pats at her head. she fumbles. shani wipes her tears. don’t be disillusioned. the circle of karma is about to close. you may be given the rightful rewards quickly. it is time to withdraw my drishti from both you and surya dev. it’s going to manifest the following day. be present in devsabha the following day. it will be a totally essential day of your lifestyles. she nods hesitantly.

Rahu lies down. it is simplest about this night. my destiny will change tomorrow. rahu imagines him to be coming into in surya loka as rahu dev. shani opens his palms to welcome him. shani praises rahu on his electricity and brains. he can affect every body and make him do matters on his want yet he reaches his aim via doing the right factor. nowadays i will fulfil my promise. you’ll get what you deserve. you may be made rahu dev. everybody cheers for rahu dev as there is a shower of flower petals on him. rahu sits upright. it turned into this type of beautiful dream. it’s miles going to come true in some time.

Subsequent morning, rahu enters in devsabha. each person is already gift there and their eyes appearance adverse. rahu wonders wherein shani is. rahu finds shani and thanks him. i couldn’t sleep entire night time. i kept seeing the equal dream all night. i knew you will do justice. i was with you on your highs and lows. you sooner or later gave me what i deserved. shani replies that this is his duty. i must make certain all people receives what he deserves. today you may additionally get the region which you deserve!

  • Narad muni declares it’s time to start the sabha. rahu is eagerly looking ahead to the instant while shani will make him a dev. indra dev asks for surya dev. why isn’t he here until now? it turned into stated that the sabha is important. what changed into more crucial than the sabha? shani says perhaps you dint recognize however there are a few other essential duties to take care of as properly in place of be gift here all the time. he’s going to come here on the right time for positive. devi sanghya and yami enter with yam.

Shani smiles at his sister. narad muni starts offevolved the sabha. chandra also is available in. rahu thinks shani has invited every god to welcome him. yam glares at chandra who maintains his eyes low. either you are too bold or shameless! how will you are available in sabha after doing all that? i can kill you! rahu thinks i’m to be made a dev. why are we losing a lot time in all this? indra dev additionally feels chandra does now not should be right here. yam takes out his sword when shani advises him to loosen up. i invited chandra dev here. sanghya says what else we are able to expect from you. you respectfully invited the one who disrespected my family! devraj says your sister’s eyes have bowed down most effective because of you. you allowed the wrongdoer to come here as yami isn’t always your actual sister! that is the best motive!

Shani warns him to live in his limits. yami is as a whole lot as my sister as an awful lot as i’m mom chhaya’s son! he goes to his sister and lifts her chin. victims don’t bow down their heads. culprits look down. you aren’t at fault. you are harmless yami. my sister wont look down. usually recall this that i advised you you’re a pious and pure soul. this sort of soul does now not want protection. she recalls their preceding convo. a tear is ready to fall on ground but shani holds it in his hand. he announces that she is pious like other goddesses. she cannot be stained at all that is why she deserves to be made a goddess. narad muni seconds shani. yami should step in the centre of sabha. yami stands rooted to her region. shani holds her hand and brings her to her rightful location. narad muni provides that she is certainly natural and pious that is why she may be addressed as a devi from now onwards. you’ll waft on this planet as yamuna (river). yami smiles. narad muni tells her she isn’t stained. your water will clear the sins of absolutely everyone and purify the souls and minds of human beings. human beings will pray to you; name you as devi and mata. a drop of tear falls at the floor and at the identical time, yamuna river flows on earth. yami smiles. shani says i told you these days is a totally unique day for you. it’s time to withdraw my drishti from you. he withdraws his drishti from her. anyone cheers for yami yamuna. yami hugs her mom.

Rahu feels shani is going to offer lots to anyone these days. i too will get a big place in dev loka today. devraj asks shani if this is the reason why this sabha become called. why is chandra wanted here? rahu says i notion you kept this sabha for a few different reason (hinting at his function). shani advises him to await his flip or he would possibly lose his everything as opposed to gaining some thing. as karamfaldata, i must supply everybody the culmination in their labours. some emotions have an effect on karma’s. we will must create a committee on the way to keep such feelings in take a look at. he seeks narad muni’s permission to achieve this. first character could be rahu as he impacts humans’s mind and makes them greedy. anyone appears at shani in confusion along with rahu. his frame lighting up which makes him glad. i have been chosen a member of committee of gods. i will additionally be made a god soon.


Precap: shani says i promised to get what you deserved. you got what you should have! rahu decides to show all of us their places. now i’m able to do some thing in order to change the history of gods!



Update Credit To: Aneeta

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