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Shani 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Shani 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Shani 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Shani 6th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Everyone heaves a sigh of relief as Surya Dev breathes back to life with Mahadev’s blessings. Chhaya and Shani help him stand up. Narayan thanks Mahadev for protecting the world. Mahadev replies that it wasn’t the end. It was the moment of test for Shani and Chhaya. They emerged as winners. Surya Dev thanks Mahadev who advises him to thank Chhaya. You got your life back because of her only. If she had not done her duty as a wife then the world would have been also doomed. Surya Dev begins to thank Chhaya. She points out that thank you is not required between husband and wife. We both did our dharma.


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Rishi Kashyap apologizes to Mahadev. I cursed you seeing my son dead before

me. I committed a sin! Mahadev says you dint commit a sin. It all happened because of the turn of events. What will happen in future will also happen will also happen because of what happened just now! Surya Dev’s death and your curse were important turns of life. They will turn out to be a boon in future. Rishi Kashyap looks confused. Mahadev explains that with his blessings someone, who will be more beautiful than 100 suns’, will take birth soon in future. Lord Ganesha’s sketch is shown. Everyone folds their hands before Tridev in gratitude.

Shani walks up to Devi Sanghya. This was your third punishment for not doing your patni-dharma. Be ready for your next punishment for breaking the rules of a Devi. She looks taken aback.

Everyone is back in Surya Loka. Sanghya comes up with another plan. Surya Dev shares that he organized this Sabha to announce a very important decision. I gave you many chances but you have crossed all your limits now. You dint do your duty as wife and have also insulted Devi-dharma. You no longer deserve to be called either my wife or Devi. I give Chhaya the right of my wife. Shani points out that this was her fourth punishment. Sanghya wakes up screaming. She is shocked to see herself back in her room. You are not real but my illusion. This is just my bad dream! Shani says our dreams are either something from the past or an indication of our future. Sun has risen in the sky. Get ready. Your dream will soon turn into a reality! Sanghya refuses to let it happen. You wont be able to punish me now. He shares that she will be called in Sabha very soon. You don’t know what will happen there. A soldier comes to invite Sanghya in the Sabha. Shani points out that this is what he just said. Dreams sometimes hint at what lies ahead. Sanghya thinks to do something to escape the punishment.

In his room, Shani thinks Devi Sanghya has to bear the punishment of Dandnayak Shani. Along with it, you (Chhaya) will get the right she deserves. Chhaya says she is happy to see him on the path of his duty but I don’t need all that. Shani explains that that is her Karamfal. I am not giving you something because you are my mother. Sanghya will be punished for her misdeeds whereas you will be prized for your good deeds.

Sanghya comes in Sabha. She panics thinking about her dream. Surya Dev begins the Sabha with the same line (of making an important announcement). Sanghya seeks his permission to say something. I am so blessed, happy and thankful to see my husband alive again. It is all because of Mahadev. I don’t need anything except one thing. He tells her to say it. She asks him if she can escort him till his throne as his wife. Do I still have this right left? She holds Surya Dev’s hand and they both walk up to his throne together. Chhaya stops Shani from reacting. It is meaningless as to who got what. It is important that Surya Dev is alive. Shani reasons that it is about respect. She replies that nothing is more important for a wife to see her husband fit and fine before her eyes. Nothing is more respectful than that for me.

Devi Sanghya acts all sweet with Surya Dev. Can I ask you something? He nods. She says I don’t want to either give explanation for my karmas or justify them. I only want to clear a certain things. I know my path was wrong Shani but you have no right to punish my entire family for the same. My family left me, my son attacked me; my father is ashamed to call me his daughter; you even made me a widow for a while! Mahadev called my wrongdoings adharma. I realised it then but no one ever gave my situations, the circumstances a thought. I was under so much pressure. Someone is watching them from behind a pillar. Shani senses someone’s presence and turns but does not see anyone.


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Sanghya acts to be upset with whatever has happened. I cannot take it anymore. I cannot see my family in pain anymore. I only want you (Surya Dev) to tell your son Shani to withdraw his Drishti from her. Shani is about to retort when Surya Dev interrupts him. She is right. I wont allow you to punish Sanghya for her fourth misdeed. You have no right to punish her. You wont punish her! Sanghya smirks and looks at Shani victoriously. Surya Dev adds that it is because I will give her the fourth punishment. Everyone looks at him in surprise. I always tried to give you one more chance; to forgive you one more time but you couldn’t change yourself even after Mahadev telling you to. You tried another plan after whatever happened. I was quiet to see how low you will fall. You proved me right! You think I don’t know how you joined hands with Devraj to attack Chhaya with Mali, Sumali’s help so Shani gets killed while saving his mother! You call yourself my wife but you don’t deserve to be even called a part of me. Chhaya is my wife in real terms as she is the one who risked her life for my sake. she is the one because of whom I am standing alive before you right now. Chhaya gets teary eyed hearing it. Surya Dev extends his hand towards her and she gladly accepts it. Shani smiles seeing it.


Precap: Shani tells his mother that a chance has already been given. I hope her choice is right this time. Sanghya is in jungle unaware that Rahu is following her. I will never forgive you Shani! She sets the trees on fire because of her anger. I will have to find a way out to beat Shani!


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta


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