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Shani 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Shani 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Shani 8th May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Shani 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update.


Shani calls it wrong but raja harishchandra says the direction in which you’re can anyways not be right ever. he asks the trader if he accepts the circumstance. the trader nods. rani taramati will stay with me until the time you don’t muster sufficient cash to pay me again. raja harishchandra holds his wife’s hands. please try to understand the cause at the back of my selection. i can’t handover my son to a stranger. i haven’t any opportunity however i promise to unfastened you asap. she nods regrettably. she hugs her son promising him to satisfy actual quickly. deal with your self and your father. rohitashva says how i’m able to stay with out you. take me with you. i promise not to trouble you or hassle you with any needs. just take me with you. they share an emotional hug once more. shani watches it in shock.


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Sanghya asks her husband if a girl will simplest be respected in dev loka. does she haven’t any recognize if she isn’t always a devi? how can devraj be quiet seeing karamfaldata breaking all the policies of a god? devraj says i don’t have any right to punish karamfaldata. shani is surya-putra. surya dev allows him to punish shani. shani has crossed all his limits. devraj is pleased. i used to be watching for this second best when the father-son duo will be at loggerheads. sanghya asks him what he is thinking. devraj replies that he was contemplating shani’s punishment. he has afflicted a suryavanshi king. his punishment might be according to his deed handiest.
Trader keeps sacks of coins earlier than raja harishchandra. i’ve paid the max amount. he asks rani taramati to return. rani taramati bids a tearful adieu to her son. rohitashva cries hugging his father. he runs to hug his mom over again. raja harishchandra takes him far from her. shani tells taramati to stop right when she became approximately to step at the chariot. raja harishchandra says i neither broke my promise nor i lied. this is among me and the dealer which was performed willingly by using my wife. what else do you need? shani reasons that his son dint conform to it. raja harishchandra insists that his son values his promise. shani factors out that even being his father he can not pressure his selection on his son. each you and rohitashva have a proper to pick out your respective paths. he asks rohitashva who he wants to stay with – his mum or dad. raja harishchandra notices his son in a repair and rushes to him. i did the entirety on your sake son. you know the way tons i love you. rani taramati too advises her son to be together with his father. with a purpose to be right for you. raja harishchandra nods. rohitashva comes to a decision to stay together with his mom. rani taramati hugs him fortuitously but her happiness is brief lived noticing the pain on her husband’s face. each rohitashva and his mom go away with the dealer. raja harishchandra is heartbroken.


Rahu is pleased. shani made my paintings easier. you wont be with rohitashva now to guard him. i will play my next card. he hisses. be prepared. my poison will soon be inside rohitashva’s veins and could very soon break humans. global will blame you for the identical. your identity as karamfaldata will become questionable!


Shani asks raja harishchandra if he dint understand why all that is going on with him. it’s far all because of your karmas. it wasn’t due to any curse. you stated you did it focused on your humans however you did it for your self. the day you accept it things turns into higher. you cheated everyone to your son however he left you in the long run. raja harishchandra says he dint go away me. he is a kid. it’s far herbal for a kid to like his mom. i allow him go as i wanted to look him happy, to see him healthy. remember that i don’t need you or your hints anymore! shani shouts that he’ll live with him till the time he wont receive reality. raja harishchandra walks away.


Shani starts to move whilst he notices someone’s presence in the back of him. he turns and reveals devi sanghya, devraj and surya dev standing there. devi sanghya reminds him of her promise of coming again. shani reminds her he had warned her formerly. if you intervene in raja harishchandra’s path then you will discover me to your direction. surya dev stops sanghya from retorting. you crossed all your limits. shani calls it his karma however devraj reveals it unjustified. you’ve got additionally hurt a girl in the system. as devraj, it’s far critical to punish you for this error. shani asks him what it is. devraj says i’m able to throw you out of dev loka in case you don’t stop following raja harishchandra! you wont be capable of go back to dev loka ever. you will need to stay on earth for all the time. sanghya leaves the decision on him – both forestall following harishchandra or give up dev loka. shani accepts the circumstance. devraj says high-quality. how effortlessly has karamfaldata given up! he gave up his duty for dev loka! shani says perhaps you dint understand me efficiently. i’ve established to be cut off from dev loka. all 3 gods examine him pointedly. surya dev says it’s miles a totally huge selection. don’t think even though that being my son you’ll be given any exception. shani replies that he has no longer regularly occurring him as his son. i cannot appearance faraway from my responsibility though come what may additionally.


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I’ve been sent on this planet to guide raja harishchandra at the proper direction. i’m prepared to go on any route to do my duty. sanghya asks him what this duty for which he is prepared to give up dev loka is. shani points out that she wont apprehend it as it’s miles vital to have a easy heart to train a person about their responsibilities. your (sanghya’s) heart isn’t pious. she name callings him to make amends then. he replies that that point may also come quickly. he walks away.


Shani 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Devi sanghya produces chhaya all over again. shani can forged his vakra drishti on me however he will should forged it on his mom too!


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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