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Spoilers 31st May 2017

Spoilers 31st May 2017. Swabhimaan: Spoilers 31st May 2017. Sasural Simar Ka: Spoilers 31st May 2017. Naamkarann:  Spoilers 31st May 2017. Devanshi: Spoilers 31st May 2017



Minister tells sharda approximately nandkishore’s wrong activities. he gives the evidence file to sharda. sharda is worried to get nandkishore’s case. she receives invited through nandkishore. she heads to meet nandkishore. nandkishore makes tea for sharda. he treats her well. he has called sharda home and welcomes her with humbleness. he has constantly been in opposition to sharda. he indicates his new side. he asks her how did she get past due, he was wondering she could no longer come by his invitation.

Sasural simar ka:

Vikram was misplaced in his mind. he left from home in anxiety. anjali has taken his cash, house and commercial enterprise. he meets with an twist of fate. he gets admitted inside the clinic. tanvi and her dad come to the hospital to look vikram. vikram changed into harm when anjali did not come by way of listening to his accident information. tanvi is tensed for vikram. tanvi’s dad receives an excellent information for them. he says i’ve spoke to the health practitioner, he stated we can take vikram domestic quickly. vikram become thinking if he offers the whole thing to anjali, she might trade and trust his love. he has attempted the whole thing.

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