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Spoilers 7th April 2017

Spoilers 7th April 2017 on Lollyupdates.com. Sasural Simar Ka Spoilers 7th April 2017. Saathiya Spoilers 7th April 2017. 



Ricky and sita got missing. the own family is involved for them. gopi and jaggi begin locating them. they look for them on the roads. police receives a useless frame and calls them to test. jaggi asks gopi no longer to fear, ricky and sita may be high-quality. they don’t have courage to check the useless frame. kokila and circle of relatives pray for ricky and sita’s safety. gopi sees the person is a person else and thanks lord. she desires she receives ricky and sita soon. jaggi takes her a tea stall and gets water for gopi. he consoles her. she asks him to move and locate ricky.

sasural simar ka:

Aarav is a lawyer by using profession. he has come back domestic. mata ji unearths him lean and vulnerable. simar says i made his preferred laddoo, he’ll gain weight. complete bharadwaj own family welcomes him. simar does his aarti puja. he asks her to finish it soon, in order that he may have laddoos. he receives a venture to get piyush and roshni divorced. simar is taking his help. aarav wants them to reconcile and get lower back together. he observes piyush is reciprocating roshni’s love.


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