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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st April  2017 Written Episode Update. Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st April  2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode begins with child commanding suhani to get her breakfast. she asks suhani to test door. krishna asks why, i will go. suhani says its fine, i will cross. a man gets a little lady and asks does she stay here, she is mum of this child. suhani receives greatly surprised seeing toddler and thinks if toddler this woman’s mum. the girl says i m rimjhim and got here to fulfill my mum. she runs to child and hugs her, calling her mumma. toddler receives bowled over.


Toddler asks what nonsense. the man says thank god we were given you in the end. child asks who are you. rags asks what’s going on. rags says i don’t have any concept. the person sanjay says infant and that i used to love each different even as we had been in university, she were given pregnant. toddler says shut up. dadi says allow him say. he says toddler does no longer like children and left the woman in orphanage, i were given rimjhim by way of difficulty. toddler says he is mendacity. suhani says she is proper, the way to believe her. rags asks what, you are defending baby. suhani says sure, i don’t trust in blaming every person with out evidence. sanjay says i married infant in temple but she has run faraway from domestic, i will show our pix.
he says toddler and his marriage p.c. infant and all of us get bowled over. suhani says this percent can be fake, how are we able to consider you. sanjay says pleasant, supply me 24 hours time. dadi says we want strong evidence. he has the same opinion. he asks rimjhim to come alongside. rimjhim refuses. pratima says female is insisting. let her stay right here, its depend of one night time. dadi says satisfactory, choice depends on reality now.


Rags talks to dadi approximately baby. rags says we must leave child out, if this news goes out, we will lose call. dadi says no, we will’t make her leave, she is bahu, maybe that guy is mendacity. rags says if he proves he is proper. dadi says then i will kick out baby. toddler hears them. she goes to rimjhim.


She offers her sweets. she asks in which is your actual mummy. rimjhim says its you. child says you are lying, say reality, else i won’t give goodies. sanjay comes and argues with baby. she asks what does he need, who is he and why is he lying. he asks for cash. she asks how an awful lot, tell me. he says 4 crores. she refuses to present him some thing. she thinks sanjay’s plan will cease, very quickly he will be out of right here.


Yuvaan is with suhani whilst she makes milk shake. she says this milk is for rimjhim. he asks child’s daughter, whom she left. pratima hears suhani speakme to yuvaan. she calls yuvraaj and suggests him suhani talking alone. yuvaan says sorry. suhani says i got alone, why did you go away me. pratima asks with whom is suhani talking. yuvraaj says don’t recognize, she says yuvaan is around her. pratima says son by no means dies for a mum, however talking this way….


  • Child says i m pronouncing authentic, i did now not do something. rags says enough, show that man incorrect. toddler says i can prove, he requested me 4 crores money. dadi says i allow you to in proving him wrong. toddler meets sanjay. dadi and rags sees them on digicam feed. toddler says i arranged what you requested, you said if i provide you with what you want, you will pass. sanjay says sure. baby receives the money bag and suggests him.


She asks him to stop his drama and leave with money. he asks what are you pronouncing. she says you said if i fulfilled your want… he says i don’t want money, i want my wife, my daughter’s mum, you need to be ashamed, you acquire blind in cash greed, you’ve got bought love and mamta, you should have atleast concept for daughter. he is going. dadi and rags receives greatly surprised. toddler issues and is going to them.


Dadi says its properly i did not call commissioner, my recognize would have long past, i did no longer recognise you may fall so low. toddler says i will prove that guy incorrect. dadi asks her to shut up. sanjay tells suhani that the movie dialogues got useful. suhani thanks him for coming with rimjhim. he says its excellent, we are artists and earn by way of drama. she offers him money. yuvraaj says thank god to old cctv cameras infant got trapped, she has fall on floor. she says she can cave in.


Yuvraaj hears infant coming and tells rimjhim. toddler comes. rimjhim asks her to play. yuvraaj asks what’s all this, i will’t tolerate this, exit of here, dadi desires to see legal papers. he drops papers and is going. baby asks the girl to head. rimjhim asks am i able to take these papers to make boat. infant asks her to do some thing and pass. she takes papers and sees dadi’s will. she thinks what adjustments dadi did in it. she receives shocked.


Suhani says we ought to look ahead to child. dadi says no, begin having meals. yuvraaj comes and signs suhani. sanjay joins them. child thinks what did dadi do, yuvraaj and i will never unite, its impossible, it way i received’t get the belongings, the desire stated infant’s baby gets the property, sure…. she goes again and exams will once more. she smiles and says according to will, toddler’s child gets property, its now not noted that yuvraaj need to be father of the child.


Precap: Baby says dadi, sanjay is my husband, he isn’t always mendacity. toddler slaps her for breaking trust and ruining yuvraaj’s life.



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