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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with krishna saying riddhi feels horrific via dadi’s behavior. suhani says the whole thing will be pleasant. saiyyam comes and asks for youngsters. he lies that someone picked the children from college. krishna says but they did not come domestic. krishna worriedly goes out and sees the children hiding and smiling. krishna asks them not to do that once more. saiyyam asks krishna to look her face. krishna says you’re naughty like a kid. saiyyam takes kids. suhani receives lata’s call. lata says i stored small puja in nighttime, you all come. suhani says we can come. krishna says her name came while we spoke approximately her. suhani says sure.


Full Details of Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Its morning, riddhi comes to dadi and asks shall i check your fitness. dadi sees suhani and says no, move, i m now not properly, don’t hassle me. suhani sends riddhi. she asks dadi shall i call health practitioner. dadi says no, i could be best after a sleep. suhani tells approximately puja stored with the aid of puja. dadi says i can’t come, i have to meet lawyer for some imp work. suhani goes. riddhi sees dadi.
Yuvani tells rags that bhavna went to assist lata. rags asks yuvanai why did she not move, she is studying cooking now. saiyyam teases yuvani. krishna says atleast she is trying. riddhi hugs pratima. suhani asks riddhi to come. riddhi says i should stay with dadi. rags says i’m able to live again along with her. suhani says no, none will stay returned. riddhi says i need to go, however now not nowadays, i need to be with dadi.


They all assume who will live with riddhi. dadi says i m at domestic, i can see her, i m not a ghost to eeat her, i haven’t any trouble if she remains well. suhani asks riddhi no longer to trouble dadi. she asks dadi to call her if riddhi issues. dadi asks why, i have raised complete own family, can’t i control her. she asks riddhi to do as suhani said. suhani worries. pratima says its going on for properly, come. they all come to satisfy lata.


Lata gets glad assembly them. pankaj says my fav yuvani has come. he gives her a chocolate. yuvani thanks him. anshika makes face and says you get satisfied like youngsters by using seeing chocolate. pankaj offers chocolate to anshika as properly. he asks suhani in which is riddhi. suhani says she is with dadi.


Riddhi does coloring. dadi talks to her. dadi gifts her a medikit set. she asks her not to tell all and sundry that she has given this. riddhi asks shall i play with you. dadi says fine, however don’t inform everyone. riddhi concurs. suhani talks to pankaj. saiyyam goes to get icecream. suhani says i took a few decision, i need you to support me, its difficult, but nevertheless… pankaj asks what is it. she says i want riddhi to stay right here, i can additionally live here. saiyyam hears her and asks how will you try this. he gets irritated and goes.


Riddhi performs with dadi. dadi says you are an awesome medical doctor, don’t inform anyone i stated this. she thinks i can in no way receive you, you have to hide this manner and get my love. saiyyam asks krishna did she realize suhani is sending riddhi. krishna says sure however… pratima stops saiyyam. she sends yuvani and rags to take anshika out. she says i advised this to suhani. suhani tells lata that she can also stay here.


Saiyyam says its all nonsense, not anything incorrect will occur with riddhi. suhani says i was raised here through my mother and father, they are no longer such, but dadi is such, i want riddhi to live right here. krishna apologizes to saiyyam for no longer telling this before, but suhani is right, yuvani used to like her looks usually, i in no way got dadi’s love, i don’t want riddhi to experience this, i want riddhi to live unfastened with suhani. pankaj says sure, whilst she grows up, she will be able to understand.


Dadi asks riddhi to learn doing cheers. riddhi smiles and says why can’t i inform all people how a lot we enjoyed. dadi gets suhani’s call. suhani asks for riddhi. dadi asks you suspect i m so bad that i can’t take care of her, you ought to have taken her along. suhani says sorry, i felt she is troubling. she ends name.


Dadi receives dizzy. she faints. riddhi worries and asks her to get up. saiyyam receives a message and tells them approximately oil tankers collision, roads were given blocked, how can we move there, dadi may also see news and know this. pratima says i understand riddhi will no longer trouble dadi. krishna says i made khichdi at home. rags says we are able to call dadi and inform the trouble. suhani calls home. riddhi asks dadi to stand up. she attends the decision and drops the smartphone. shee says dadi will scold me now. suhani says nobody is answering. pratima says its large residence, maybe smartphone is away, don’t worry.


Last Part of Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Riddhi takes a few water and throws on dadi’s face. dadi receives aware. riddhi apologizes. dadi hugs her. suhani calls once more. riddhi asks dadi is she quality, does she have fever. dadi asks her will she call doctor. riddhi says sorry, phone fell by my arms. dadi says its excellent. riddhi remembers anshika shivering by means of fever. suhani tells her that cold water garb will make anshika first-class. riddhi says i will simply come and is going. she gets a stool and gets ice from the freezer. she tells dadi that she got bloodless water fabric for her. she takes care of dadi. riddhi asks dadi is she feeling better. dadi nods. riddhi asks shall i sing for you. dadi smiles. dadi thinks i used to be incorrect, beautiful people are not usually suitable.

Precap: Dadi says she has shown me the day gone by night, that person’s heart indicates how stunning the character is, not splendor. she apologizes to riddhi and hugs her, pronouncing you don’t need to hide from each person that we’re buddies.


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