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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Updates. Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Updates

The episode starts with suhani blessing child. yuvraaj goes. toddler calls suhani as didi as she is her sautan. suhani says i’m able to go away. dadi asks suhani to help toddler in her first rasoi. toddler says why are you troubling suhani, krishna will assist me. saiyyam asks why will krishna help. dadi says due to the fact i m pronouncing. saiyyam angrily leaves. baby smiles.

  • Child asks krishna to get vegs to reduce. she sits and makes krishna do all of the work. krishna says its your first rasoi, you do your work on personal. infant asks will you argue together with your mum in law. krishna says suhani is my mum in law. child says i can inform dadi how suhani is making all of us against me, then dadi will kick out suhani, you all can’t do anything. krishna stops her and concurs to do the paintings.

Pratima asks suhani what to do now. suhani says i don’t apprehend. pratima says such factor never passed off in this house. suhani says i m positive there may be something large behind this, i’m able to discover the motive. child makes krishna paintings. she makes krishna drop the flour. she scoffs krishna and asks her to clean the ground. she asks her to hurry up. krishna cleans floor. baby places water over krishna and the floor. krishna asks what’s this. infant says i don’t like all of us speaking in high tone, cross and change, i will manage this. krishna goes.

Krishna changes. she sees saiyyam angry and tries to talk. he says i can’t manage as this subjects to me, i can’t be statue like you. she asks him to sit down. she says yuvraaj is hiding some thing, if dadi and yuvraaj aren’t saying some thing to child, we are able to’t say something. he says i sense chargeable for this, toddler was my pal, how did she alternate, did i make her such. she says no, guilt will ruin your braveness, you have to be sturdy as i am getting courage via your courage. he holds her palms and nods. they listen dadi shouting and rush.

  • Dadi asks who left the gas open, toddler did no longer get the scent, she was going to light the gasoline. baby shows suhani’s dupatta beads. dadi asks how did this come right here. child begins her drama. she recollects how she has torn the beads even as taking suhani’s benefits. she asks suhani will she take her existence. krishna says suhani will never do this. saiyyam says this beads got here right here as baby got your bangles once. dadi asks child to be careful of enemies, put together for first rasoi rasam. dadi goes. saiyyam asks baby to think some thing new and no longer try and act as sufferer. he calls her child maa and is going.

Baby orders food and says meals must look selfmade, simply name me, no want to ring door bell. she sees yuvraaj. he says our marriage came about on situation that you may allow suhani live in peace. she says i simply stated i can get her out of jail, suhani wants to kill me as you married me. he says sufficient, you bought monetary security, now forestall doing this aarti, depart my spouse again. she says i m your spouse. he says sufficient, go away my family by myself. she says i realize you don’t regard me my spouse, this relation matters to me, so i m supplying you with right to shout on me. he is going. she says you all ought to dance on my hands, this is your fate.

Yuvraaj hears suhani laughing and is going to peer. suhani sees yuvaan’s video. he knocks at the door. she asks him to come and see the video, family is collectively and enjoying. he asks did you no longer take care of anything occurred. she says you only stated, what befell is over. he asks are you okay with that. she says i’m able to’t forestall few matters, its better to simply accept. he says proper, i m happy that you are glad. she says i realize there’s some reason behind your doing. child comes and asks him to return for her first rasoi rasam. she insists. yuvraaj goes along with her. pratima comes and says i heard the whole thing, yuvraaj is hiding something, we ought to realize it quickly.

  • Dadi says those presents are for infant. the lady asks infant changed into yuvraaj’s bahu, how can she marry him. dadi says suhani made baby a widow, she is an orphan, if we made her depart house, how would we display face to yuvaan. we provide recognize to bahus as daughters. pratima says yes, we are with suhani as suhani is that this residence’s daughter. dadi says enough, we can start rasam. krishna gets the juice glasses. dadi asks krishna to the touch toddler’s toes. krishna takes benefits. child asks krishna to behave well next time. krishna name callings infant.

Dadi asks baby what is going to you take in nek. baby says maybe you received’t be able to provide me. dadi says there may be nothing such, tell me what do you need. infant says i want suhani’s apology. dadi asks krishna to go and speak to suhani. pratima says but.. toddler asks what’s wrong on this, suhani attempted to harm me. suhani comes. dadi says child wants your apology in nek, express regret to her. pratima says no need suhani. toddler says it manner dadi’s promise gained’t be fulfilled, its ok. suhani says you may get what you want, i’m able to make an apology to you. infant throws ghungroos and asks suhani to put on it and dance, then express regret. every body get stunned. saiyyam fumes.

Precap: Baby says if Suhani does not dance, it will be Dadi’s promise’s insult. Suhani says I will fulfill the promise, there is a condition, I will dance when Yuvraaj makes me wear the ghungroos.

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