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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts offevolved with dadi saying we don’t want this toddler if that is proper. suhani asks dadi how are you going to say this. they all ask is she definitely pregnant. suhani says i don’t recognise how did this appear, i did no longer anticipate this. krishna cries and runs. rags takes physician along. bhavna asks why did you now not inform us. pratima says you ought to have told us. suhani asks how could i say, i was in yuvraaj’s loss of life sorrow, then health practitioner instructed me i m pregnant, i could not think whatever.


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Dadi says no, its yuvraaj’s tervi, in case you informed us, we’d have now not were given ashamed in front of everyone. pratima says you need to have instructed me as soon as. she goes to krishna. krishna packs her bags. saiyyam comes to her. krishna says suhani is pregnant, how can she do this, after what took place to me, she did now not reflect onconsideration on me. saiyyam says she did not do this deliberately. krishna says why did she now not inform us, its wrong. pratima says becoming mum is by no means wrong krishna.
Suhani stops bhavna. bhavna says i was worried that day wondering you’re hiding something from me, i’m able to’t inform you that i m in peace now, questioning you have been hiding this, i m very happy, a lot occurred. suhani says i m great, there may be a hurricane in domestic through this child. bhavna says it’s going to take time to accept this, don’t fear, they’ll agree as its yuvraaj’s ultimate signal. suhani says sure, its yuvraaj’s child. bhavna asks her to be happy and hugs her.


Pratima defends suhani and says anything happened with you become accomplished by way of baby. krishna says it was my age to come to be mum. pratima says maybe lord selected this manner to return happiness via this toddler. krishna hugs her. saiyyam thinks when an undesirable infant comes on this global, such fights appear, maybe these fights occurred at my beginning time. he cries.


Bhavna shows the dos and donts listing to suhani. suhani says i examine it, i need to live as patient. rags asks why do you need to do this, i don’t recognize, are you doing this as yuvaan went. suhani says yuvraaj left us and this toddler… rags says you are emotional right now and you think the entirety could be great through this baby, its no longer your age to control this. bhavna says i’m able to cope with suhani, there is no hassle. suhani says i understand your worry, i read about this past due being pregnant. rags says why do you want to torture yourself. dadi says rags is right, this is medical doctor, who will assist you in abortion. they get shocked. dadi scolds pratima. pratima says this toddler is yuvraaj’s sign. suhani says its my toddler, you may’t pressure me, in case you suppose i’m able to’t end up mum in this age, i think there is no age to end up mum. dadi says close up suhani, you did similar aspect at saiyyam’s time. suhani says it was not saiyyam’s mistake, this maybe undesirable baby fo world, but saiyyam and this infant are pricey to me as yuvaan and yuvani. dadi shouts suhani. saiyyam shouts to dadi. rags asks him to stay out of it. saiyyam asks why don’t you stay out of this. he says dadi, none has proper to talk to suhani this manner, don’t increase her problems.


He holds suhani and says you gave opinion, however suhani will decide. they move. rags says there are numerous methods to do what we need. rags and dadi see suhani maintaining a juice glass. rags says i introduced this remedy in suhani’s juice, it’ll lead to her abortion. dadi looks on. suhani is about to drink juice. krishna comes with toys. she offers the toys and argues with suhani, pronouncing suhani’s being pregnant is hurting her more, why is lord checking out me like this. suhani asks her to apprehend. krishna dumps toys and juice falls. suhani asks her to concentrate and goes after krishna. dadi and rags see the juice glass fallen.


Everyone sit down to dine. pratima says dadi made this uncooked banana koftas, yuvraaj preferred it. dadi says i made it in his remembrance. facebook indicates dadi asking rags the plan. rags gives her remedy to feature in kadi. dadi adds the medicine and says i don’t need people to giggle on yuvraaj, suhani should be ashamed to break his name. facebook ends. suhani asks can i have koftas. bhavna says certain, your child will love it if you like it. suhani takes the dish to eat. rags smiles. krishna gets indignant and says its sufficient. suhani stops. krishna throws the kadi and is going. saiyyam and everybody pass after krishna.


Krishna says i don’t need to speak to suhani. saiyyam asks what came about. krishna says i m indignant, why is everyone torturing me. she is going. suhani says i decided to offer this child to krishna, i need to explain her. bhavna asks will you give this child. suhani says sure, her lap gets crammed, i will increase infant as dadi, now not mum, i need to look krishna becoming mum, if yuvraaj become here, even he could have wanted this. pratima smiles and hugs suhani. bhavna says you made me proud today.


Last Part of Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update


dadi says i m going to hanuman temple, i’ve kept seva for yuvraaj. pratima says you thought well. suhani says i can come. rags says however there are fifty one stairs. bhavna says suhani can’t move. suhani says its puja for yuvraaj. dadi says its no longer true to your fitness. rags says dadi could be blamed if something occurs to suhani. pratima says suhani take rest at home. all of them go away. suhani gets bowled over seeing health practitioner and body of workers. medical doctor asks them to take suhani. suhani shouts to dadi. dadi says they got here for your abortion, it’s going to show up now. suhani receives shocked.

Precap: Suhani says this infant is yuvraaj’s child, how will you try this. dadi scolds suhani and asks them to take suhani.


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