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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th February 2017 Written Episode Updates

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th February 2017 Written Episode Updates on lyllyupdates.com. Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th February 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts with yuvraaj scolding toddler for looking to kill dadi and blackmailing her. infant says i will simply say yes to you, i’ve learnt that own family could be very vital, i’m able to now not tell whatever that breaks family. suhani asks do you watched you’re becoming a member of own family by way of doing this. infant acts and cries, asking them to get her arrested. suhani asks do you take delivery of you’re perpetrator. toddler says yes, it’s going to preserve the own family peace, i m outsider, so its better to take blames on me.

Yuvraaj asks why did she trade percent. she says i can now not tell some thing and on whose saying, threat is still there. suhani asks who’s making you do this. infant says i will’t say whatever. yuvraaj asks is each person threatening you. child says someone is threatening the own family peace, i’m able to in no way cross towards circle of relatives. suhani says we punish member of the family on doing wrong.

Baby says it will be higher that you provide me to police. yuvraaj says i’m able to ship you remedy, you will get high-quality, come suhani. suhani says i need to recognize truth. toddler says i gained’t say fact, even if you send me to prison. he says we won’t send you to jail, just promise you gained’t tell everybody. toddler concurs. they depart. child says they make me talk a lot, these rashes helped me.

Suhani asks yuvraaj does he believe infant. he says maybe, its clean to doubt on her. he sends ointment for child. he says whoever is doing this is smart, maybe child is gambling a sport with us. she says perhaps, a way to find reality, i’m able to see dadi, we need to do some thing before she forgets me. pratima asks dadi how are you feeling now. dadi says i m feeling better, but i m feeling napping and tired. suhani comes with ghunghat on face, and asks dadi to do durgapaath earlier than napping, all issues will cease, my mum used to sing lullaby for me, shall i sing. pratima says yes, sing.

Suhani sings lullaby and thinks of yuvraaj asking suhani to sing lullaby for her, which pratima and dadi used to sing. she receives stuck while making a song, and dadi maintains. fb ends. suhani stops singing, and dadi sings the lullaby. pratima and suhani smile. pratima asks dadi how do you know this. dadi says i used to sing this for yuvraaj. she feels stressed and goes out. suhani says i can make dadi recall the entirety. she receives a be aware below dadi’s pillow and reads. someone needs 10 lakhs from dadi. suhani concerns.

suhani and yuvraaj conceal and spot yuvani coming to take the bag. they get stunned. suhani scolds yuvani for blackmailing dadi. yuvani defends herself. yuvraaj asks yuvani what changed into she doing here. yuvani says i were given a letter and it turned into written that i get this bag right here if i should save dadi. suhani and yuvraaj see dadi’s rings within the bag. suhani says we were given the primary letter approximately earrings. yuvani says i did not do anything. she shows the letter. yuvraaj asks her who referred to as her right here.

Yuvani says i swear i did now not do some thing. infant says poor yuvani, suhani she become announcing right, i referred to as her here and kept that bag here so that she comes here, suhani were given her offender and i got loose. yuvani says accept as true with me, i did no longer do anything. suhani scolds yuvani. yuvraaj asks yuvani not to come out. suhani says i will’t accept as true with, how low are you able to fall.

They leave for puja. suhani does the aarti. infant tells dadi that suresh’s spouse’s voice is so top. dadi says yes, she came here for first time, i’m able to supply her mu dikhai, flow her ghunghat, else how will i see her face. suhani concerns. she asks toddler to go and get the gift. toddler receives the present. pratima concerns and lifts the ghunghat.

Precap: Dadi says Amma mai is alive, I have seen her. Baby says no, how can she be alive, and why are you seeing her.

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