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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with rags scolding the guys and asking who stated this. the men say shukla advised us, we were given to realize its a person’s sin and father is missing. saiyyam receives irritated and says shut up, yuvraaj birla is the father, who died. dadi says human beings used to take birla own family call with respect, now they’re guffawing. the man asks who’s this man to speak to us, we came right here to assist. suhani stops saiyyam and says don’t beat them, they got here here to help. pratima says you don’t want to get insulted suhani.


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Suhani says no, they’re now not insulting me, my husband were given shot and saved my life, will you guys die for me, if all and sundry fixes bomb to my child’s frame, will you provide your life. the person says no, why will i, its no longer my toddler. suhani says then wander off. saiyyam shouts on the ones men and sends them. suhani says this infant will are available this international and get birla circle of relatives name, he will make birla family call shine like yuvraaj, yuvraaj’s call will constantly be there with me. saiyyam holds her.
Suhani is going to room and sees yuvraaj’s percent. she cries. she says its no longer so easy, how shall i face this, i gained’t cry. bhavna involves her and hugs. saiyyam sits angry and thinks of those men. pratima comes to him. he asks did this manifest before my birth, did suhani endure all this, i m certain she has tolerated loads as my dad did any such cheap thing. pratima says it changed into sambhav’s mistake, nothing passed off due to you, yuvraaj went to prison for saving suhani, suhani fought for you, a baby never offers issues to a mum, mum gets braveness with the aid of her baby. he says yes, today i will become her support and encourage her. she asks him to say this to suhani and hugs him. she is going. saiyyam sees krishna disappointed. he says i don’t want any undesirable infant to are available this international and endure all this, which i went through, i gained’t permit wrong happen with the kid.


Bhavna says while amit left me with golu, yuvraaj continually supported me like a brother, he changed into a pleasing man, i will usually guide you. suhani says thanks, but this isn’t easy. bhavna says however we are able to win. rags welcomes her pals and tells dadi that she concept to do a party at domestic for a trade. the lady says we desired to ask rags in birthday celebration, but yuvraaj’s dying… rags says i know, however dadi is fine now. the woman asks will suhani now not sense bad. rags says no, she is happy, she is pregnant. krishna comes. the female asks approximately bhavna.


Krishna says she went to temple. the women see krishna. rags asks her to make snacks for them. she says krishna had a miscarriage, so she can make meals now. krishna goes to kitchen and cries. pratima involves her and wipes her tears. she says we can make some thing today, you teach me new things, i’m able to train you old time dishes. krishna says i recognize that, suhani taught me. pratima says suhani taught you loads, like not to think about all of us’s words.


The female asks dadi how are you bearing this, everybody is laughing in this global. suhani hears them. rags says i realize, but suhani does no longer pay attention. dadi says yes, suhani thinks its yuvraaj’s signal. rags says yuvani is likewise yuvraaj’s signal, suhani wants a son. the girl says this will be motive, she needs a son. krishna says i am hoping they like the smileys. pratima says it does no longer appear what we want, its our appropriate success if we get this, else its useless to consider it. suhani cries. pratima sees suhani and calls her out. she goes.


Rags says i heard mums are jealous in their daughters and try to reduce weight and turn cutting-edge, in order that people compliment them, i assume suhani has this disorder, she is jealous of krishna. krishna hears them. dadi says maybe rags is proper, absolutely everyone changed into listening to krishna, perhaps suhani is jealous. rags says krishna had miscarriage. dadi says now krishna can’t have a toddler. the lady says suhani slapped her.


Suhani and pratima come. suhani asks krishna to forestall. she asks the ladies are they not ashamed to taunt krishna. she says rags did no longer turn out to be mum ever, what does she understand about a mum, rags decided it herself, did i taunt her, did we inform whatever and insult you, that you could’t emerge as a mum ever. rags says close up suhani. suhani says you’re happy that someone is like you on this house, you are hurt, krishna is likewise hurt, i m ashamed that this came about because of me, i curse myself, but you all taunt krishna, do not forget one issue, krishna is my daughter, if each person hurts her, then they must face me first. rags and dadi go away. the women depart.


Krishna hugs pratima and says i don’t need to live. pratima says no, don’t say this. rags says sufficient dadi, now both of me or suhani will live right here, she referred to as me baanch and insulted me, its my existence, suhani should not intervene. suhani says you should not intrude in my life, this infant is yuvraaj’s child, i don’t care if you are ashamed, if you need me now not to interfere to your life, you furthermore mght don’t intervene. rags says i’m able to intrude in your life as humans are insulting us. suhani says insult me, leave troubling krishna. she says krishna can’t endure this, she misplaced her toddler, she is aware of she will be able to’t come to be mum once more, depart her dadi, she turned into saying she will die, if she does whatever to herself then, this infant is yuvraaj’s ansh, i don’t want a son, i had a son whom i misplaced with the aid of my own mistake, now i’ve daughters, i need to look krishna becoming mum. dadi asks how can she emerge as mum now.


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Suhani says i can give my infant to krishna, she becomes mum. dadi and rags see each different. suhani says yuvraaj will come again in this world, i recognize you in no way appeared krishna as this residence’s part, but she is yuvraaj’s daughter, i need to bring yuvraaj’s final register this international, if he changed into right here, if i told him, he could have supported me, don’t know why you are not supporting me, i have yuvani and saiyyam, i m no longer greedy for any other baby, i don’t want to do something with out yuvraaj, i need to peer krishna becoming mum, its not easy for me, its very hard, but i can do that, dadi you can have forgot soumya gave her existence to shop yuvaan, how can i pass again if its about krishna now, i fold arms dadi, allow this child come in this global, please. she goes. dadi cries and says suhani told me typically its yuvraaj’s ansh, i couldn’t recognize, i notion she is announcing this to bring shame. rags says i did no longer suppose suhani can suppose the sort of issue. they cry.

Precap: Krishna goes to commit suicide. suhani asks her to open the door.


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta


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