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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode begins with bhavna packing bag. pratima asks her to go to sharad. bhavna says if suhani leaves from right here, then…. infant married yuvraaj for some big cause, if suhani leaves, toddler will win and grab the whole thing. pratima says its difficult for suhani to look all this, she can now not agree. bhavna says we need to prevent her anyway. the birthday party starts offevolved. krishna comes. the female praises baby, and compliments dadi. dadi says i selected toddler as she used excellent cosmetics of my organization. the woman says she is dark, but she knows maintaining herself well. toddler says i promised dadi to live as dadi wants. the lady praises krishna, and says she does now not need makeup, she is so honest. baby receives jealous.

She calls krishna and asks her about serving food to guests. krishna says i can ask servants. bhavna asks in which are they. infant says cross and discover them. dadi says its best, krishna will serve meals, what’s there to be ashamed. bhavna says sure, we will serve guests, infant enjoy the celebration. pratima says baby will do all this, i’ve to expose suhani.

Suhani receives equipped. pratima is going to her. she says you can’t go away residence this manner. baby comes there. she says pratima does now not need suhani to depart from this residence, however two swords can’t stay together. she presents a dress to suhani, and asks her to put on it in celebration. she shows the joker costume. suhani and pratima get greatly surprised.

Pratima has the same opinion with child and asks suhani what can we do. child smiles. the guests hassle krishna. krishna attempts best to serve snacks. toddler smiles. bhavna facilitates krishna. dadi asks krishna what’s all this, human beings should not ask for whatever, the entirety must be right here, i raised you and fed you these types of years, you may’t repay the favors. krishna says sorry, i m trying. saiyyam serves the visitors. dadi seems on. the lady asks dadi is she making the son of the residence paintings in celebration. bhavna says whilst bahus can serve, why can’t sons serve. saiyyam says exactly, have juice, don’t assume who were given it. the woman says krishna may be very lucky to have any such loving husband. saiyyam says no, i m fortunate to get a spouse like krishna, others are not lucky on this residence. infant thinks saiyyam is appearing oversmart, simply wait and watch, i will see how lucky you are.

  • Suhani asks why did you say i can wear this. pratima says what ought to i do, who will keep us from her once you leave. yuvraaj comes there. suhani indicates clothes and says you will no longer stop me from sporting those clothes, its vain to anticipate help from you. he says sure. suhani says i knew it. pratima asks why can’t you assist me. yuvraaj says i have to go, infant stated we are able to do dance in the birthday party. he goes. suhani says i’m able to put on the garments, it’ll be proper that i made family snicker before leaving.

Krishna, saiyyam and bhavna serve the visitors. infant asks absolutely everyone to be geared up, the most imp member of this residence could be entertaining us as joker, suhani birla is going to go away residence, however she will be able to entertain us, positioned your palms together for suhani. the light goes. yuvraaj cuts the strength. he thinks suhani does now not want to ask me, whether i will help her or no longer, i will constantly assist her. suhani sees the costume. pratima comes. suhani asks what took place to light all of sudden. toddler says don’t fear, lights will come, i referred to as generator van. the light comes.

  • Yuvraaj thinks how did light on, when i’ve cut the fuse. suhani beverages juice. pratima receives sad and thinks. suhani continues the glass. toddler and yuvraaj come. baby asks krishna to get bloodless liquids. they all see the clown. baby says entertain anybody, come on move in advance. the joker dances on jeena yahan marna yahan….. every body feel bad for suhani.

The guests clap. saiyyam holds the joker and hugs. suhani receives aware and appears around. she says what am i doing here, in which did the clothes pass. infant claps and says wow, what a performance by means of joker, you all supply suggestions to joker. she offers a plate in joker’s hand and asks her to accumulate tips. she gives tip to joker. suhani comes there and appears on. every body give tips to joker. suhani comes there and throws the plate away. baby and every person get stunned seeing her. suhani hugs the joker/pratima and cries.

Precap: suhani eliminates the masks. the guests see pratima and ask dadi about toddler, who made her saas dance. suhani tells dadi that she determined to live inside the residence. toddler gets greatly surprised.
Update Credit to: Aaditiya


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