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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update on tellyupdates.Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update. Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update latest.

The episode starts offevolved with yuvani asking dadi to do justice and punish child. dadi says nice, i’m able to punish her the following day morning, you all pass and sleep now. all people move. infant goes to yuvaan. he scolds her and says i m bearing you as i need krishna, else i’d have thrown you out of this residence. infant cries.

Saiyyam involves room and sees a child falling over krishna. he pulls her hand and saves her. they fall at the sofa and notice each different. he asks can’t you notice and paintings. she says you stored me. he says if i m not there then. she says you were there…. she smiles. he sees her.

Krishna asks him what’s our relation, by using what relation are you shouting on me, we’re husband and spouse, however don’t have love among us, we are not even pals, what’s this extraordinary relation. he goes to her. they have got an eyelock. he keeps the bag lower back. he says its no longer crucial that our relation desires a call, relations kept without call are higher. she smiles. he goes.

Its morning, all and sundry come in corridor. dadi stops toddler. she says till infant is right here, we can not do aarti at domestic. yuvani is of the same opinion with dadi. pratima asks how can we make her depart. rags asks we could await her to do a homicide. suhani and yuvraaj says we need to change infant, she ought to rectify mistake, we ought to give her punishment which we would punish yuvani and yuvaan in such case.

Pratima and bhavna guide toddler, who is their bahu. sharad says its our duty to give her a chance. saiyyam has the same opinion with rags and says child ought to not be given a danger. suhani says you understand that everybody need to get second hazard. dadi says great, we will preserve child, however after she fulfills punishment, infant has to make dust diyas and keep nirjala fast to repent, then we are able to recognise baby clearly wants to exchange, no one will help baby, earlier than puja, toddler will no longer touch food. infant receives bowled over.

Baby sits making diyas. krishna sees her. saiyyam stops krishna and asks her to mind her own commercial enterprise. krishna says infant isn’t always capable of make diyas, i will atleast educate her. saiyyam asks her no longer to help baby. krishna says its puja in our residence, i must assist her. he asks her to hold her philosophy to herself and come. she asks why do you hold fingers to force her and now not to simply accept friendship and relation. he leaves her hand and says ok, do some thing you need, any more, i don’t provide a rattling, in case you fall in trouble, don’t come crying to me.

Suhani goes to toddler and gives her pc, asking her to check movies and make diya. krishna asks suhani why is she supporting toddler. suhani says showing proper way and helping is not incorrect if a person is changing. she is going. infant makes the diyas. she sees the food on table. yuvani says wow, so yummy food, i can eat the entirety.

Yuvani eats meals. rags asks yuvani no longer to tempt child, as toddler is repenting. bhavna says its not wrong if character wants to trade, but troubling someone is incorrect. rags asks yuvani to simply forget about them. toddler sits cleansing the plates. yuvaan asks suhani will infant trade doing this. suhani says we will strive, we promised toddler to make her part of family and always assist her, now the time has come. krishna is going to help infant. yuvaan sees krishna and says sure, we will now not circulate again from pleasing promise. krishna tells baby to be careful, aarti plate is there.

She is going. infant’s dupatta catches fireplace. child screams. suhani is going to save child. saiyyam runs and gets water. anybody come there and get stunned. suhani throws toddler’s dupatta. saiyyam pours water and puts off the fire. suhani’s hand burns by means of fireplace. yuvraaj asks someone to get ice. yuvaan gets ice. toddler says i did no longer see puja plate, i m sorry, suhani is so best to store me when I did so horrific with you all.

Toddler apologizes to dadi. pratima says its sufficient that you found out the mistake. suhani says we all will help you if you need to change. krishna rushes to make breakfast. she receives amazed seeing toddler cooking. child says i m elder bahu and ought to do all paintings, i did many errors earlier than. krishna says i’m able to make oats for dadi and rags, we will assist every different in paintings.

Child says i will provide green tea to dadi and are available, saiyyam likes rice kheer, you make it for him. bhavna gives aarti to dadi. dadi sees a baba’s miracle in information and tells bhavna. infant gives inexperienced tea and sees news. dadi says we must convey baba domestic and serve him, suppose we are able to get such a lot of true deeds. bhavna consents. suhani receives perplexed.

Precap: Suhani says he is fraud Baba. Bhavna says no, he has magical powers, I have seen it. Dadi says I want to take Baba home. Baba agrees to come with them.

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