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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update.Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


This episode begins with suhani going to dadi. she asks how will you do this, i did loads for you, i discovered dada ji’s cream formulation, why will i spoil it. rags argues. suhani says i did small mistake, you can’t punish me this way. yuvraaj asks why do you need to live here when you get insulted. suhani says my mum and children stay here. pratima says you were usually a daughter of this house, none can remove you from right here. child says best, suhani will live right here with the aid of my permission, she will be able to do the whole lot as i say. dadi concurs with baby. suhani sees yuvraaj. he nods. suhani says i agree. dadi says pleasant, you could saty here. rags smiles.


Toddler sits eating the cake. rags is going to her and asks what are you doing. baby says i m having cake. rags says shut up, you watched you performed well. baby says i made suhani my maid. rags says you have to leave from here quickly if she remains here, if i knew you’ll do this, i might have now not wasted my precious time to make you win. she is going. yuvraaj comes there.


Krishna says you’re mistake. pratima says no, i m proper. saiyyam gets angry on toddler. pratima says that is occurring by means of some purpose, i m saying it so that you each manipulate yourself. he says child made suhani a maid, you assume me to preserve quiet. pratima says toddler is planning this to make suhani out. toddler asks yuvraaj to have cake. he asks her to go into reverse and throws cake. she says you spoiled the floor. she calls suhani and asks her to return rapid to easy floor. suhani comes and sees the cake on floor.


  • Toddler is going. yuvaan says you could do it maa, you could’t lose. yuvraaj asks what came about. suhani says not anything, i used to be seeing yuvaan. he stays in my coronary heart, i forget everything seeing his smile, i m doing this for him. yuvaan thanks him. suhani says we should find out why infant married you. yuvaan disappears. suhani says if child had to problem me, she should have afflicted me in prison, we should find out.


Baby gets some field to krishna and says i m your saas and make you do something, you need to make garland of whatever is inner within the field. krishna refuses. infant says high-quality, i can tell suhani. krishna concurs to do the paintings. yuvraaj asks suhani what are you doing. suhani says baby requested me to try this, go away this, move and check infant’s room. he is of the same opinion.


Toddler asks rags to return and notice that i don’t care if suhani remains right here, i’m able to torture her that she runs away, you simply see, come with me. she indicates the garlands of slippers krishna is protecting. she asks krishna to include them. pratima seems on.


Baby says i learnt lots from suhani, she is in inspiration, i should give her a present. she asks suhani to be equipped for sporting the slipper garland. yuvaan comes and looks on. he nods to suhani. infant goes to make suhani put on the garland. she stumbles and falls. the garland flies in air and falls in child’s neck. all of them get shocked. pratima taints infant. they leave. rags claps and says wow child, what a excellent plan. infant gets angry and says let them joke on me, i’m able to now not depart rags.


Pratima takes milk for suhani. suhani says you understand how my mood gets high-quality. pratima says yes, i don’t recognise what’s happening for your thoughts. baby wakes up and sees yuvraaj drowsing. she is going out. yuvraaj sees her going. suhani says child knows yuvraaj does now not like her, even then she does now not care. pratima says we want to find out what she desires. suhani says we should know why she stopped me here. she receives a message from yuvraaj. she says infant went out of room, i must follow her.


Infant is going to dadi’s room and opens the cupboard. she sees the locker and attempts to open it. suhani and yuvraaj see her. child sees dadi transferring and is going out of room. yuvraaj says dadi’s locker has property papers, all property is on my name. suhani says she married yuvaan for belongings, while she knew she received’t get something …. he says she married me for belongings, if we inform her that she will now not get some thing, she will be able to do a little mistake by which we are able to trap her. he sees child. she makes excuse that she went on stroll and asks him to return and sleep. suhani hides and looks on.
Precap: a person says i m locating this child’s mum, does she stay here. suhani receives stunned seeing toddler’s % and thinks is child this youngster’s mum.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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