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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode begins with suhani ingesting kheer. baby asks her to provide kheer to yuvraaj. suhani goes. baby eats the kheer without drug treatments. she goes. yuvraaj asks kheer presently. baby comes to them. she asks is there time to eat kheer, i made suhani make it and sent it through her so you don’t refuse. he refuses. she says suhani made by hardwork, have it. baby talks to yuvaan. suhani receives emotional.


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Suhani asks yuvraaj to consume kheer. yuvraaj asks baby no longer to take yuvaan’s call. child asks does this hurt suhani. suhani feeds the kheer to yuvraaj. she asks shall i leave now. infant says your wish. suhani is going. baby says see the end result of combating with me.

Later, infant acts and shouts to dadi asking her to come and notice. dadi, pratima and rags see suhani and yuvraaj sound asleep collectively.


They get shocked. child begins her drama. suhani wakes up and sees every body. she receives up. yuvraaj wakes up and sees absolutely everyone. he too gets up. dadi gets irritated. suhani says i did not do some thing. yuvraaj says don’t realize, how she got here here. child says its clean that suhani desires to grab you from me. suhani says i m announcing reality, i did not do something.
Toddler smiles and remembers how she made suhani sleep via medicines. she dropped her to yuvraaj’s room and says now it is going to be real fun, after they wake up, all people will see them. facebook ends. dadi says suhani you probably did wrong. pratima says enough, examine them, their eyes are heavy. child says you may blame me now. pratima says you are wrong child, you need responsible yuvraaj, how can dadi suppose he can do such component, yuvraaj married his bahu after son’s demise, as he was helpless in the front of his values. dadi says because suhani killed his son. pratima says its now not actual, even then he did this marriage to keep infant, these days child is elevating question on suhani’s person, dadi need to ask why did baby made such high demand, if you can’t ask, none has proper to ask suhani. she is going to suhani and says suhani can’t try this, i’m able to’t consider even lord if he says suhani harmed yuvaan.



Dadi says child is now yuvraaj’s wife, i ought to get justice for her, toddler can punish suhani if she needs. baby smiles.

Yuvraaj is going to suhani and asks her no longer to get tormented by baby’s words. suhani says how am i able to tolerate this. he says she wants to wreck you, so that we don’t think how she did this, how did we come in identical room. she says i made kheer. he says she compelled us to have kheer, i’m able to go, she can see us. he is going.

rags asks why did you aid toddler, do you observed suhani can do this. dadi says suhani can try this as she is such weak state. rags says however suhani isn’t always so vulnerable. dadi says yes, however she is weaker than toddler. rags says till yuvraaj and pratima are together with her, she received’t lose. dadi says they’ll pass lower back after a few point. infant hears them and smiles. she acts helpless and says i m disenchanted and want to head parlor for fresh, will you come along. dadi has the same opinion.



Yuvaan involves suhani. he says you usually used to say excellent wins and evil loses, how did you lose nowadays. she says evil can’t win for all time, it’s going to lose. he says i can watch for it. she smiles. its morning, infant receives equipped. she gets a name and asks the person to mail her the posters. she assessments posters. she smiles seeing suhani’s reasonably-priced % and plans to submit it on cheap website online.

Suhani receives name from a person speaking cheap. she says incorrect quantity and ends name. the men sees the posters at the partitions. child says pratima went temple, saiyyam and krishna are not at home, yuvraaj went workplace, rags and dadi will pass parlor with me, it is going to be a laugh. suhani receives some other man’s name and thinks what’s going on, why are such calls coming.



Dadi and rags visit baby. toddler acts unwell. dadi says i will call doctor. baby says no, i will get excellent with the aid of rest. rags says quality, we will cross. they see suhani coming there to take care of toddler, and leave. infant says suhani your punishment is awaiting you in room. she is going out and sees the men looking ahead to suhani’s display. toddler says you’ll overlook the whole thing after seeing her.


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Suhani says toddler wants me to wear those cheap clothes. child asks suhani to come out. suhani comes out sporting the cheap garments. she gets taken aback seeing the mujra setup and drunkards round. child scolds her for eyeing different’s husband.



Precap: Yuvraaj asks baby how might you sense if everybody did this with you. baby says shut up, i m not right here to listen lecture approximately right and incorrect. dadi scolds baby to be in limits, you may’t speak to yuvraaj birla this manner.


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