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Swabhimaan 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Swabhimaan 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Swabhimaan 13th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Swabhimaan 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts offevolved with meghna trying to cheer up kunal and convince her whilst photograph shoot goes on. meghna attempts to pose romantically with him. sandhya dislikes him and asks meghna and kunal in a way she asks. naina tells karan that they may pose for the pix without touching every other. sandhya says she thought of the poses. naina says they shall try their poses. they pose with out touching each other. terence clicks their p.c and says it is good. meghna tells kunal that she is questioning to get pictures clicked for their personal collection. kunal says now not nowadays. meghna thinks if he can be disillusioned together with her then she can’t make the whole thing satisfactory. sandhya thinks karan and naina are coming closer and thinks to do something. she involves karan and indicates that for next spherical, you have to dance with naina. karan says he can’t dance. sandhya says you’re comfortable with her and i thought you’ll control. servant comes to maintain something. sandhya makes him fall on karan. karan gets angry on him.


Full Details of Swabhimaan 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sandhya says i don’t need you to have any hassle, it’s miles my duty to tell you that can people can be there, you may skip hand shake, and asks him to endure till opposition ends. she offers him juice and is going. she thinks naina in case you take karan one step forward, then i’m able to take him 4 steps backwards. karan thinks he don’t need to turn out to be funny story infront of anybody. kunal involves room and asks meghna what she was doing. meghna says she was now not stealing. kunal asks her no longer to taunt him. meghna says you’ve got scolded me even after knowing that papa scolded me. he says i’m disillusioned with you as you’re my own family. he says i am no longer disappointed with you as you have taken mortgage, i am happy that my spouse is on a food put up. you haven’t given me a right to be happy and says i am thinking if i preserve any area on your lifestyles. meghna is stunned and thinks she will be able to’t fight with him.


Karan tells nirmala that he can’t participate within the contest and tells that he can’t have even a hand shake with everyone. nirmala thinks her son is in awful circumstance and she can’t do some thing. sandhya hears them and thinks karan have broken nirmala’s goals. she acts and asks nirmala what came about? nirmala tells that karan refused to participate. sandhya says what we can inform to bhai saheb. nirmala asks her to talk to karan once. sandhya says i get irritated on naina for forcing him to participate inside the opposition. naina hears her. sandhya says karan will sense terrible if we additionally pressure him. she gets a name and is going. naina comes to nirmala and tells that he’s going to take part, i can talk to him.


Last Part of Swabhimaan 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Karan is outdoor and thinks approximately his communication with nirmala. he thinks approximately naina and nirmala’s happiness and thinks how i can overlook approximately my infection. she sees chaat stall and thinks to have highly spiced pau ji in order that no one asks her to take part. he buys pav bhaji and is about to eat it. naina comes and prevents him, asks if he wants allergy. she goes to cigarette save and buys cigarette. karan comes and takes it from her hand. he tells that it’s miles bad for her fitness. naina says if mirchi is right on your fitness. karan says you have got answer for the entirety. naina asks him to look the fireplace and says it is able to cook the meals and if we don’t care then can burn our palms additionally. karan says my infection can burn my family additionally. naina says why do you think that this may happen. karan shows her dancing movies and says maasi maa advised him that they have got to bounce. naina thinks why sandhya is making him insecure. he asks did i ever shake hand with you and goes. naina thinks of the instant whilst he saved her from falling down and says you have shaken arms with me, and could participate in opposition also.


Precap of Swabhimaan 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Nand kishore tells nirmala that karan can’t walk with out retaining his umbrella and asks why do you need us to get insulted.. karan asks naina why she desires him to get insulted infront of anybody. dadi says if nirmala wants to wait…then. nand kishore asks kunal to come. they’re about to go away. naina and karan come downstairs to participate within the opposition.


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